Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can I Get a Hell Yea?

"Dangerous Friends" (Wreck the Halls, The Paradise, Boston 12/19/09)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Don't blink twice its alright.

Couple vids from Wreck The Halls 2009 with Street Dogs, Roger Miret and The Disasters, and Stigma at The Paradise.

More vids at http://playgroundboston.com/2009/12/22/wreckthehallsvids/

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Congratulations Mom and Pete!

Even though they have been together for almost 20 years they had never officially tied the knot and gotten married. After a random, middle of the night, brain hemorrhage suffered by Pete last month they started to talk about getting married. They had scheduled their impromptu wedding for this Thursday, but were interrupted by yet another major health complication when Pete was rushed to the hospital yet again in the middle of the night in an ambulance and told he had major blood clots in his heart and lungs. Words like mortality and death were tossed around. Survival rates clung too. Faith forgotten and remembered. Tears were shed. Love was exchanged. Hands were shook. Some phone calls were made by a family friend(Dee we are all grateful to you). Right before his open heart surgery we got a Reverend/justice of the peace up to his room to have a wedding. We closed the curtain to his bed and had an outlaw wedding. Perhaps one of the most beautiful things I have witnessed in my life. 10's of thousands of dollars and months of planning could not match this sort of ceremony. Before being carted off to surgery Pete said he was very happy. He made it through the surgery. They took a very large blood clot out of his heart and he is the talk of the hospital due to the large size of it. Mom and Pete are now officially hitched in the eyes of the state, god, man,woman, dogs, cats etc.. The joke is next month when Pete's nervous system fails or his arms fall off or something, they will be getting a divorce. I don't think so though. This is 20 years in the making. Congratulations Mom and Pete!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

T-Shirts on SALE now.

Bryan McPherson T-Shirts on sale now for 10 Bucks.

Order them here http://bryanmcpherson.com/Merch.html

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You no white guy

Eating lunch today with my Vietnamese homies.
We are eating Chinese food.
They got the hookup.
I bug them all the time for the hookup.
Its a secret society.
I really had to weasel my way into this club.
Finally when they realized I wasn't going to quit, they let me in on it.
Curry noodles.
I'm using chopsticks.
That's all we have in the shop.
They are using forks.
I say "Hey, why is the white guy using the chopsticks and the Asian guys are using the forks?!"
They say "You no white guy, you Mc"

I took that as a compliment.

That's the end of the story.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Live on Bay State Rock

Here are some live tracks and an interview from when I recently played on Bay State Rock.


Thursday, November 5, 2009


This dog can not walk, so he sits on a bench most of the day.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I do covers

"Held Her in My Arms", by The Violent Femmes

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deleted Me

Yo my song is in a deleted scene of the movie Townies. I do believe its the best scene in the movie, so I don't know why they cut it. You may remember this movie from a couple of years ago when they were shooting off guns in Charlestown while filming it and the cops came and there was a big thing. Yup, thats the movie. Here it is.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Smaht kids love Bryan McPherson

"So I'm at my induction ceremony for the honors society at my school, and guess what the background music is...Its your CD...Weird, lol"
-Jessica, New England Institute of Art

Proving once again that Smaht kids love Bryan McPherson

Friday, October 16, 2009

Raphael Home Now

In regards to previous blog entry "The Whackest Days Start Out With Matty V"
You'll be happy to know that upon my arrival home today, I was informed by the smoking landlady, that she took down the sign on my door. The Laptop No here sign.
This is our conversation.

"Raphael is home now" she said
"Home to Poland?" I said
"No" she said, shaking her head and pointing inside
"Oh" I say, "Sometimes Its hard" I'm nodding my head and frowning
Yes Barayan I Understand

Love. So it goes.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This one always gets me

I'm not falling for it this time

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Someone call Cambridge

Quick, someone call Cambridge. Marcy Playground is detracting from the aesthetic appeal

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Whackest Days Start Out With Matty V

A crazy day indeed.
Here is my account of the day.
It is factual.
There are not going to be a lot of adjectives.
This is simply for my own records.
A crazy day indeed.
Yesterday that is.
Today I have yet to leave the house and so far nothing has happened.
So lets talk about yesterday shall we?
It started out normal enough.
I crawled out of bed slightly refreshed on 8 hours.
Its saturday.
The sun is out in between the clouds and the ground is damp.
I walk to the coffee shop where I run into Matty V on Dorchester Ave.
Matty V already had his coffee.
I have not.
Enough said.
I was still across the street looking at the coffee shop.
Staring at the coffee shop
Like an oasis.
He is talking
I'm not really hearing what he says
Other than him laughing at my black hair and calling me Billy Joe Armstrong.
I said "I hate this town. I need coffee"
The coffee was good enough
I sat there reading the paper when I noticed this attractive young lady reading sitting across from me.
She kept looking at me.
It was a lot to handle first thing in the morning.
So she walks up to my table and drops a note on it.
It says her name, B*&^%
and it says 200 a half hour and 3 hundred an hour
What a ripoff.
That's a weeks pay for me these days.
I got up and left.
I flicked the note onto the ave and walked on
I got home and checked my email
I'm procrastinating
I need to change my strings for the show tonight, but i hate changing my strings.
If I don't change them before gigs they break.
I have a tendency to abuse my guitar.
I check my email again.
Oooh an email from a friend
Its the third one this week about missing me in Vermont or Northampton
What is this all about?
I figure there is some sort of misprint online about a show or something
He says "with Dropkick Murphy's"
I say "hey man I'm not in Dropkicks, I was just playing that one song with them"
He says "on their website it says your opening "
I say "Oh"
I check it out.
Sweet. I am opening
I call Ken Casey
Confirmed. I am opening for Dropkicks
I start punching it into the web when suddenly
The 20 years younger than my landlady polish lover of my polish landlady comes bursting into my apartment with a laptop computer
"Balayan!" he says, "Shhhhh" and puts it in my shower. He then turns and runs for the door.
2 minutes later there are sirens.
Polish male mid 30's bla bla bla
Radios outside my window.
What the fuck. How did I get into this?
I decide after about a half hour of avoiding the police and looking at the laptop in my shower and peeking out the window Jehovah's witness' style, that I've had enough. I need a sandwich. A big 'ole motherfucker of a sandwich from the polish mafia sandwich shop. They have really good sandwiches. The polish people don't mess around with sandwiches
I manage to stroll right out. There are 2 police cars. I go unnoticed. Way to go cops!
I come back. The line at the sandwich place is too long and I'm impatient. I would rather go hungry than wait in a line. I am my own worst enemy.
My landlady is in the driveway crying.
Whats the matter I say?
"Raphael go bad", she says "Raphael go bad"
They were supposed to be married today.
He went crazy.
Smashed the house.
Ran off.
Broke in.
I say hey theres a laptop in my shower.
She says, "that's mine Balayan".
I get the laptop and explain to her and 2 detectives the details of my situation and my involvement in this laptop heist.
I am innocent.
I then ask if they know of any places to live?
No they say.
I put a sign on my door
It says "Laptop No Here"
I never manage to change my strings
The show was great. I break a string.
I go see this movie Paranormal Something with my friend that's a girl
We'll call her K^*&%
She doesn't cost 300 an hour.
This movie scares the shit outa me.
I'm up until 4 am jumping out of bed at every squeaky noise looking for demons and crazed Polish men with expired visas looking for laptops. Friggin Demons.
Today I am drinking Tea

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Love is like a puddle tsunami

For me love has been like waiting for a bus in the rain.
I keep looking for it and checking the time.
When I finally stop paying attention
The bus comes, but it doesn't stop
Its "out of service"
It hits a puddle and splashes me with a puddle tsunami
Then it keeps going
I'm lucky I wasn't hit and killed.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Breakin' The Law


Recently there were a number of flyers posted around the city with Bryan Mcpherson name attached. Please note that posting is not permitted in Cambridge, other than on private property with the owner’s permission. Attached is a copy of the City of Cambridge ordinance that addresses this issue.

In the future please abstain from this practice. Apart from being prohibited, posting detracts from the aesthetic appeal of our city and results in many staff hours spent scraping poles to remove the glue or tape that adheres to them. Attaching to the outside or placing postings inside of news racks is also prohibited and could result in citations being issued. If posting are not removed within the given time by September 13, 2009 we will issue a citation for any flyers found.

We would like for you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss removing the postings so that you don’t end up with fines as regulation states in the ordinance.

Thank you for helping to stop this practice. It is your assistance that can help to keep our city clean. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please call Compliance Officer Vincent Best at 617-349-4869.


William Dwyer

Supt of Streets & Sidewalks

Vincent Best, Compliance Officer

City of Cambridge DPW

147 Hampshire street

Cambridge, Ma. 02139

(617) 349 - 4869 Office vbest@cambridgema.gov

(617) 349 - 4868 Fax (508) 509-6065

Monday, September 21, 2009

I have an odd set of emotions

"I have an odd set of emotions toward you; One of which is maternal. Its odd considering I like to fuck your brains out"

What the fuck are you doing here?

Boss: I checked your shit out online

Oh yea?

Your really talented.

Me: Thanks

Boss: What the fuck are you doing here?

Me: Working

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

I got a job

I got a job at an auto body shop sweeping and cleaning and moving stuff and driving cars. On the interview I almost got hit by a car. I said "First rule, don't get hit by a car" The boss said "No, that's the second rule. The first rule is sweep and clean." I thought that was funny.

New Studio Record

For folks asking about a new studio record.

I have no money.

The End.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

DJ Playlist Glowstick Ectasy

This is the Superstar DJ Playlist from the Village Green- Monday nights at the middle east upstairs. Basically myself and Christine Moore and Simon play music off of our ipods and talk about how we will someday dominate the world by creating the world most gimmicky band.
Come by. Hang out. Maybe throw a drink at somebody..?

The National - Fake Empire
Tom Waits - Hang Down Your Head
Old Crowe Medicine Show - Take 'em Away
Sex Pistols - Anarchy in The UK
Naughty By Nature - Everythings Gonna Be Alright
Brendan Bensan - Blessed
The Byrds w/Gram Parsons - Hickory Wind
Township - Sinister Mister
Wu Tang Clan - CREAM
The Clash - Police and Thieves
Mung - Red Light
Cock Sparrer - Teenage Heart
Rancid - Old Friend
Operation Ivy - Freeze Up
Swinging Utters - Fifteenth
Tomorrow The Gallows - The Beds that We've Made
Wolf Parade - Modern World
The Stooges - TV Eye
Patti Smith - Land
King Tuff - Ruthie Ruthie
Larcenist - Excuse
GNR - Used to Love Her
Johnny Cash - Spiritual
Bad Religion - Stranger than Fiction
Defiance Ohio - The Condition
Billy Bragg -Way over yonder
The Goddamn Rattlesnake - We'll Take This Town
The Freeks - Back Bay Cops
The Hives - Two Timin
GG Allin - Kill The Police
Lenny and The Piss Poor Boys - Cambridge Port Salloon
James Brown - Down and Out in NYC
Screwdriver - Sweet Home Alabama
Choking Victim - 500 Channels
Showcase Showdown - Oi Oi Deacon
The Ducky Boys - White Slum
Public Enemy - Fight The Power
Arcade Fire - Intervention
The Modern Lovers - I wanna Sleep in your Arms

This is probably the last playlist I will publish, as it is too much work typing all of this in.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Song

What is a song?
Well I guess its words and music together, wrapped around each other, that tap into some sort of human truth or beauty or emotion. I think of a song as its own organism. Its own being. A sort of life. They are birthed. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes. Sometimes months. I am speaking from my own experience. I have been messing with the song for quite sometime and still can not wrap my brain around any sort of scientific approach to my creative process. I literally just pick up an instrument whenever I get the chance and sometimes its there and sometimes it is not. Every time I try to write something about something it is shit. I have to NOT try and the song comes whenever it wants to. Usually late at night or when I am in a rush. I attribute this to my subconscious being active because my conscious brain is preoccupied with leaving or working or trying to sleep or whatever. leaving room for whatever truth may or may not be lurking in my soul. True songs are what I'm talking about. Songs that came from beyond outer space. Songs that don't know how they were written or why..They just were...
Allow me to ramble..
In my musical endeavors I have had the opportunity to play with some great musicians from all sorts of different backgrounds and nothing drives me more insane than when someone analyzes a song. You see, this is what drives them crazy. Them being the scientists. It looks so simple on paper. A few chords and some words and presto! A hit song. They study it in schools. They wrack their brains. They spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to learn how to write a song because on paper it looks so easy, but in reality its something a little different. A little mystical. Definitely mysterious and can not be bought.
I live in an school city. If you can chew gum someone will ask you if you went to school for it. If you have a nice belt they think perhaps you learned how to appreciate belt fashion at Harvard or something. I cant say how many times when out busking and being somewhat anonymous musically people have asked me if I went to Berklee. Berklee? I write songs. I am not or do not wish to be Slash or Santana. I never wear sunglasses at night and if I were to ever go to college I would spend the money on something more useful than rock and roll school.
For me the journey into and out of songwriting is inward. Its the breaking down of walls and wondering into places I don't necessarily want to go. Its living life. Good or bad. Having experiences. Soaking it up and squeezing it out like a sponge. Its not pouring over text books or listening to someone tell me what a good song is. I know what a good song is. Just like you do. A good song is something that makes you feel ok when your ready to just say fuck it and jump off a bridge. Its love on a sunny day with the windows down on the road. It rain. Its everything human. It makes you pump your fists in the air, jump around, fuck , and dream. Its even Brittany fucking spears. Someone somewhere wrote the damn song for her and underneath all the makeup there is a song there that someone wrote that someone felt to be true.
I got no time for songwriting books, classes, lessons, suggestions, lectures bla bla bla
One time someone told me. "I really like your music. I had to play it for my friend because I didn't know why I liked it. Because its so simple." Do you need to ask your friend why you find beauty in a rainbow or a shadow or a few bright strokes on a canvas. Why it feels so good to lay down after a long day?
What is a song?
I still don't know.
Its something I'm still chasing.
When it comes, it comes and sometimes it feels more like a curse than any sort of talent.
Like a lonesome lover waiting at the window. Only to be left again until the next encounter. Whenever that may be..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Street Lights Story Part 1

Haven't said much on here in a while, so I guess I will just tell yee ole blog what I been up to.

Decided to put "Street Lights" on the web for free download.
I made the thing with the intention of giving it to some labels to hopefully get a full length studio release going. Meanwhile it has just been sitting here collecting dust, all the while people are saying "when are you going to record again?"

So I figured hey, lets throw it on the web and people can download it for free! It didn't cost much to make. Plus, I don't have the funds to actually press a "CD" so I figured what the fuck, people love free shit, especially music.

I copied The Motion Sick and put it on gimmesound.com
gimmesound.com makes money off of advertising and pays artists accordingly per download, all the while you the hungry music consumer still get to download it for free. Everybody is happy and I might be able to pay my rent this month and not end up out on the street.

I whipped up the cover art based on a photograph I like that Jon Cohan took and named it Street Lights based on one of the lines in 'Down Down Marie'. Also in the photograph, the lighting creates a streetlight sort of feel.

So far people have been downloading it and that makes me feel good.
I hope people continue to download it, so do me a favor and if you like it spread the word!
Hope your summer is going well blog. My summer has been interesting per usual.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Black Man

Due to popular demand I'm posting the lyrics to my song "Black Man". I am trying to put together and EP to release this tune with a studio version this summer. In the meantime there is a youtube of this video when I played it opening up for Chuck Berry.

Hey black man black man
I saw them read you your rights today
Hey black man black man
I saw them cuff you and take you away
Look at the rock and roll
The white man stole
He wants your soul to call his own
He's taking slaves to work all day
Except today the slaves get paid..... Sometimes

Hey woman woman
How's your right to vote?
Hey woman woman
Its such a slippery slope
Going down on hope
and freedom comes
Like your man on the run
See the back door slam
You watch him go
He always cums
And then he always goes. . . .

Gay man gay man
They all say that you started AIDS
Gay man gay man
Please please please be afraid
When the Christians come
And then they say
Your gonna go to hell
Unless you pray
For how you love
For who you are
Foolish words tear and scar

Tranny tranny
How's it feel at the bottom of the list?
Tranny tranny
How's it feel to suffer a violent death?
In self defense
At the rivers edge
Cut up, fucked, and Bled
For how you dress
For who you are
Foolish words tare and scar

To anyone anyone
I left out of this song
Go right your own
I don't like my songs too long
Sing it loud, sing it in the street
Sing it proud to those you meet
And wen you learn
Learn to love
You can rise above
And love
And love
And love

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Straight up motherfucker blast
run yo shit white boy
get down get down
scuffle scuffle shakedown
laying down in the street
blood drips
rising in the dust walking slowly
rusted busted back bone broken
shattered like the glass and the gun stuck
stuck here since 1983
under a street light
and a moon

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Making Cents

Sometimes butternut squash reigns supreme
and the origami troll motherfuckers roam free
over hills of sugar
and fields of buns
understanding nothing comes freely
as does the dust
and the neutron silence
of galaxies
blazing into stars and starships and supermen
with forcefields drift into the mind
of societies dregs
and the babies are born starving
on a frozen planet with a burning shield of flaming sorrow
understanding nothing makes the most sense
so the dream dreams itself and then eats itself until it is dead
and full
and no longer hungry
you dig?

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rain rain rain

It has been raining for 2 years
every day
day and night
I look at the calendar
more rain
I check the forecast
I open the door
the fridge
I'm sick
chest infection
I wonder if it will rain for another year
it probably will

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There are idiots

There are idiots in the world
it is not necessarily their fault
its just who they are
and that's what they proclaim
"This is just who I am!"
proud ignorance
Hitler was just being who he was too
so was Jeffrey Dahmer
and the rest of the gang
so that is OK
some have degrees
some are masters
some work at Dunkin' donuts
some own Dunkin' donuts
some live in Cambridge
I was at a party once
with smart kids who have rich parents
this person asks where I live and then makes a face and says why?
I thought to myself and regret not saying
"why are you fat and ugly?"
I stayed for a while then left. It was a boring party.
It would be OK if they weren't so rude about it
I was at another party
Bob Dylan was playing.
she says
"whats this redneck music?"
and proceeds to put on the radio pop flavor of the month and shake her ass
Bob Dylan is the redneck?
one of the greatest writers of our time
really deep shit going on here
money power spect
I have to leave
I can't be around this
the only way I can tolerate this is with a big giant shot of heroin or a machine gun
or both
I leave and eat cheesecake with a girl from Turkey
she pays

The End

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Whitman Whtman

Back from the show at "The office" in Whitman, MA,. If you Yelp The Office you get "DUMP! It's full of coke heads and trash. If the last beer on earth was in this bar, I would not drink it."

Sounds like my kind of place

Thanks to my friends for coming out and representing and getting my back.

Monday, May 25, 2009

more nights

right now birds are eating eyes
in a desert

tonight its will oldham at 1235
sitting in the kitchen
dont know no nothing but my stomach still hurts and surely it is cancer.
and the heat sinks through
the air is wet thick and sticking to my skin
i kick the wool
walk outside
down the ave
the beach the sky

earlier I had so much on my mind and now my mind is just on nothing.
it is living up to its reputation.

i'm in the middle.
in between.

half everything

and nothing at all

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pics from the Show Saturday with Lenny Lashley

Here are some pics from the show I did with Lenny Lashley last Saturday. Photos from Matt V and Lauramom.

Lenny Lashley, Shelley Lashley, Sean Bowers

Me and Ken casey from the Dropkick Murphys. I'm representing The New Jersey Turnpike in my T-shirt.

My mom behind a guy picking his nose.

Steve Neary from Far From Finished

Rob Dewitt

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Alice Cooper Supergroup 2009

Some pics from when I opened up for Alice Cooper and Ace from KISS and many many many others.

Me and Alice

Lynn Hoffman from A and E
Chad playing my guitar.
I told him he could use it if
he played "Scar Tissue".
He didn't.
Being a meat head.
Photoshopped myself onto the stage ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I looked outside

I saw a giant T.V. next to a highway
I looked again
It was a billboard
I wondered when they would start putting T.V.'s next to highways
I imagined it would be pretty distracting
but then again
I have a TV in my mind
and I manage to get around

Thursday, March 26, 2009


There are so many things I accept on a daily basis
ignore their natural wonder
the awesomeness of the whole thing
walking around on a giant sphere
breathing this oxygen into my lungs
having thoughts
understanding only a fraction on the entire thing
knowing that I need to put this water in my mouth and swallow it
eating food
sleeping and waking back up.
love death
war hatred laughter
the fucking sun
a giant ball of fire burning down and giving life to everything
the moon
the ground
the ocean
sub atomic particles existing in 2 places at once
me existing in a hundred places at once in my head
being aware of myself
and my life
Its all so goddamn strange if I really stop and think about it
instead im worried about trivial shit
paper fucking money
imagine if half of america just decided not to agree that this paper has any real value
and chose not to accept it as a currency
because really at the end of the day and given the right situation
toilet paper is more valuable than a 100 dollar bill
instead im worried about my rent
i wonder where my landlady gets all the money for her construction projects and new tv's then I check my wallet
and her dog still barks at me and chases me to my door
but lets keep this rant positive
thats what I mean
cant get caught up in the bullshit
but once in a while I walk in the rain
and hear a really good song
and I feel ok
and I feel alright in the world
alright in the vast cloudy mist
and the mystery
and it makes sense just for a moment

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a F$^%$ Week!

Thats all I can say. It all worked out in the end.
Sometimes it takes some real dark moments to see all the people who care about me and what I am doing.
Thanks to everyone who kept me in their hearts, minds, and prayers.
Thanks for the phone calls, emails and texts!
The last 2 DKM shows were a blast.
The way I look at it is, it was 7 shows, like the World Series. I got injured and missed three of them. I came back for the last 2. I won 4 out of 7. Thats good enough for the World Series.
Oh and by the way
Being sick in bed on a Saturday night, unable to even really speak because my voice is so gone, having had to cancel the 2 shows that day, shows that included The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and not knowing if I would even be able to do any of the remaining shows, REALLY FUCKING DEPRESSING. Getting a phone call from The Dropkicks to come in and play guitar and harmonica on Badlands anyways and then doing it with one of the Bosstones. Priceless.

Monday, March 9, 2009

To do list.

Things to do in my life....
1. Join the Dropkick Murphys onstage for their version of the Springsteen classic "Badlands" and play the harmonica where the sax part is. CHECK!

Philly was awesome. Thanks to Matty V for driving me there and helping out backstage.

Thanks to Dropkicks for having me on the bill!
Looking forward to The House of Blues this week.

Here are a few pics from Philly.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Macedonian Radio

I now have Macedonian airplay. Hello Macedonia

PLAY-LIST 203“CORPUS DELICTI show” from MACEDONIAN radio 20.02.2009 (20:00h - 23:00h)

Intro 1. Bryan McPherson Desperate Times Fourteen Stories (CD) Indecent Music
First time playing in….Macedonia… 2. Chachi On Acid Coffee Is Good Food! Acid Flashback (CD) Duramater Productions
3. The Black Tartan Clan All For One Roots, Kilts ‘N Pipes (CD) 4Subculture Records
Web of The Week – Bolton Wonderland 4. Fago. Sepia Trois Lame Sure Ruse Mal (CD) Bolton Wonderland Records
5. Lady Jane Bulgarian Blues Bring Up The Kids (CD) Bolton Wonderland Records
Top10 Play List 6. Strongbow Never Give Up Terminal Life (CD) Vinyl Junkies
7. The Phantom Band Crocodile Checkmate Savage (CD) Chemikal Underground
8. Disco Violante Secret Society We Are Forever (CD) Not Enough
9. Eternal Tango Lady Berlin And The Acrobats First Round At The… (CDs) Selfrelease
10. Mary’s Kids Destroy! s/t (CD) selfrelease
11. Zelazowa Fade Too Elephants On A Mousehunt (CD) Serenka Music
12. Sunglasses After Dark Scream For More s/t (LP) Ufo Hi-Fi
13. The Black Marias Advertising Punk Anti-Social Behaviour (CD) selfrelease
14. Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! It’s Great Viven (CD) Munster Records
15. Chingaleros Crap The Cut Release The Apes (CD) Munster / Beat Generation
Some News… 16. Openightmare No Buck No Fuck The Harder We Come (CD) Vegas Records
LP of the week 17. Project Hopeless Man Ar Man Valkommen...(LP) Not Enough / Tofu Guerilla / Crisipoint
18. Project Hopeless You Ignorant Bastard Valkommen...(LP) Not Enough / Tofu Guerilla / Crisipoint
19. Project Hopeless Take A Look Around You Valkommen...(LP) Not Enough / Tofu Guerilla / Crisipoint
20. Project Hopeless Flytta Pa Dig Valkommen...(LP) Not Enough / Tofu Guerilla / Crisipoint
Split 21. La Gachette Sur La Route Split with Charge 69 (CDs) Rigger Records / Combat Rock
22. Charge 69 Montreal Split with La Ga (CDs) Rigger Records / Combat Rock
Covers 23. The Bellrays - I'm Alive V.A.-Tribute to The Dogs
(2 CD) Future Now Records
Classic 24. Anti-Nowhere League Fucked Up & Wasted Scum (CD) Impact Records
Labels to Recommend You – 25. Gallara Boogaloo Con Meningite Psycotic Strumental 6chette6 Sixties Records
26. Speedball JR Laguna Beach For The Broad Minded (CD) Green Cookie Records
27. Laughing In The Face Of… Sex Punch Technically, It’s Not Our Fault (CD) 901 DB Records
28. Hello Wembley Up Great Britain Up Great Britain (CDs) Velocity Recordings
29. Yava Folcore (CD) Edge Records
30. Critical Me King Greed Promised Land (CD) Magnitude 6.19 Records
…..we love this too !!! 31. The Wednesday Night Heroes Desperation Guilty Pleasures (CD) BYO Records
32. Me For Rent Nu Civilization No Fancy Style (CD) Nerdsound / Ammonia Records
Outro 33. Zaunpfahl Punkrock Leben Ist (CD) Nix Gut
34. The Pints Dads Army The White Plague (CD) Beer Fridge Records

god by popular demand and ostrich burgers and dog bites on bedford Avenue in brooklyn

I just saw god tonight actually.
on my way home.
out of the subway
down the street
he walked right out from underneath the bridge.
he walked right past me.

24 hours earler. ..I feel this needs to be documented....
I'm walking around Brooklyn with my friend before the show
when we spy the oldest ugliest fatest dog standing outside of a store
This dog is so ugly he doesnt even look like a dog.
he looks more like a pig
naturally I decide this dog needs a pet when...
the dog bites me
and i'm bleeding
and the cool kids are all staring at me

so i went and washed it off

my friend found the owner.
the dog has had its shots

I want revenge.

I go to a restaurant and buy an Ostrich burger.
Its disgusting but I eat it because I've never had one and I'm hungry.
I wanted to get my revenge and eat a dog burger but I couldn't find one.

I'm really tired

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brooklyn What What and my favorite Indian restaurant

Some pics from Kats Brooklyn rooftop and my favorite Indian restaurant. 1st Avenue and 6th street, Manhattan. If your ever in the neighborhood...

Monday, February 23, 2009

saw god again


I saw god on the corner again
I gave him a dollar and said “Hows it going god?”
“Doing pretty good” god said
. . .Guitar man
Its cold on Columbia road
He said “I’ve seen you play, your really talented”
Maybe in the subway a long time ago
I think god was paying me for the dollar
I said I gotta go god
“Ok take care” god said
I said goodbye

This is a true story
If you don’t believe me, you can ask god
He’s standing on the corner of Columbia Road and Dorchester Ave

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some people

Some people have the whole world in front of them and they crash right into it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Microsoft Nazi Bomb.

I myself am quite surprised that Microsoft would opt for an advertising campaign like this. Hmmmm. . .

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I can not believe this whole Michael Phelps thing.

I can not believe this whole Michael Phelps marijuana thing. I mean, clearly he is faking the whole thing. Look, Michael is so against marijuana that he pulled this whole stunt to teach kids a lesson. Just watch the video below and you can see that Michael is clearly not under the influence of anything and is doing his best to stare the nations children away from the horrors of active addiction. Come on people. Get with the program!

God is alive and swell on a corner in Dorchester.

I saw this guy on the corner today.
I see lots of people.
I saw lots of people walking by.
Nobody gives a shit.
They have headphones on.
We just walk by.
How anyone can just walk by this guy I do not know.
I gave him 2 bucks to take his picture.
This guy has more to say in this one picture than a lot of people do in a life time.