Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 5 Digital Video Moments of 2011

In hindsight 2011 was a great year. It was not without its rough patches, but was a tremendous year of growth for me and I had a lot of exciting moments playing music! This list is just a few of them that were lucky enough to be caught on camera and my personal favorites.

5. "Don't Terrorize Me" At The Richshaw Stop San Francisco 2/20/2011.
The cool thing about playing music is, if your lucky, you get to meet some of your heroes. I got the rare opportunity to play a show with Mike Dirnt from Green days other band The Frustrators. I also got to play with my now friends Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children Macnuggets, The Phenomenauts, and Kepi Ghouli. Anyways it was a blast being able to play with and hang out with these guys. Epic indeed. Number 5 is "Don't Terrorize Me". By the way, I was severely out of tune for this song, but the crowd didn't seem to mind!

4. "Poor Boy" jumpoff at Occupy Oakland, Day 2, Downtown Oakland California 10/11/11
Being able to be a part of an historic movement is a rare opportunity indeed. I look back with pride at my involvement with the occupy movement. Here I was able to kick off the music at Occupy Oakland on its second day of life. Whoda thunk a massive drum and dance corps was rallying into the plaza? Hella rad.

3. "O.F.D." on the sidewalk in Boston 12/15/2011

You never stop being from Boston. After having been gone for nearly a year,it was great to go home! Unfortunately the venue had to axe its 18+ age restriction and adopt a 21+, leaving some people out on the sidewalk. Naturally I had to come out and play a few tunes and as usual, someone tried to stop me. Number 3 is O.F.D!

2. "Poor Boy in Pasadena" Los Angeles County, California 9/18/2011

After having driven 8 hours to play a show in Socal, I was completely ignored by the local crowd. Nobody would come inside the venue from outside smoking cigarettes. A few peeps were inside supporting me. Then the bartender turned the house music on during one of my quieter songs. For my last song I got pissed off and just jumped off stage , went outside an sang it right at them. Sometimes an audience just needs a little coaching or a dope slap :) Number 2 is Poor Boy in Pasadena.

1. "No Creed No Class No Nation", Oscar Grant Plaza, Oakland California 10/27/2011

Its not every day that Michael Moore opens up for you.. well errr ahh it was an honor being able to perform after him and usher folks out ;) This was taken at what might have been the peek of Occupy Oakland, or at least the initial encampment on Oscar Grant Plaza. It really captures the vibe as well as the ever present helicopter. Its number one because it really symbolizes the year for me and takes the cake for the sheer awesomeness of what went down. Power to THE PEOPLE!