Thursday, October 13, 2011

From The First Revolutionary I Ever Met

I was looking at photo's from a lot of the occupy sites on facebook and now have tear's streaming down my face, because i feel for you and all of those out in the street's crying out for "justice for all". I want to go there with blanket's and rain gear and food for everybody, but i can not right now all i can do is donate money and I have, but that is simply not enough. I will go there and I will talk with them and support them this week end. I don't know what the future hold's, but it gives me hope when I see so many color's,ages, and gender's together fighting for what is right and just. The old timer I am sending a pic of is my new hero

Love Mom


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupied. 10/11/2011

Twitter 10/11/2011

This is what CBS/WBZ was tweeting today. Mindless, non-news worthy, tweets the day after over 100 arrests, beatings, lies, and violence on non violent protesters by the government in Boston Massachusetts and in cities across The United States.

The following is my response and an exchange with CBS Boston and with the reporter they assigned to cover Occupy Boston, a self proclaimed afficianado of food, drink,sports,and apparently at one time a struggling musician with a myspace page and 7 friends.

Upon revisiting this conversation it becomes abundantly clear just how arrogant and condescending The Steve Dujor and CBSboston are in regards to the thoughts and concerns of citizens. He continually takes jabs at me and attempts to weasel out of them. All of this was happening while he was supposedly covering Occupy Boston. After a while I realized the "i know you are but what am I" mentality of the man, so I wrapped it up and went about my business. It is below. You do need to speak twitter to understand it. If you do not speak twitter, you need to learn. That is where the news is. It is from people like you and me. People that are there seeking the truth and passing it along. It is not coming from spoon-fed ignorant well-paid hypocrites that do the bidding of the machine.

Or maybe I'm really off base here and they are right. You be the judge. I welcome any and all comments and opinions.

PS. There will be grammatical errors, because grammar just isn't that important.

cbsboston WBZ Boston News
Water problems in #Barre. Residents are being asked to conserve while town tracks leak of up 80,000 gallons a day. - @PeterWBZ

cbsboston WBZ Boston News
Lost in a Danvers corn maze, person calls police. (no word on whether they were being stalked)

cbsboston WBZ Boston News
"Applause in the newsroom! @LisaWBZ is back from maternity leave! - @PeterWBZ"

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
“@cbsboston: Applause in the newsroom! @LisaWBZ is back from maternity leave! - @PeterWBZ” this is what wbz is tweeting today?????????

cbsboston WBZ Boston News
@BryanMcPherson Yep. Sorry if we offended you by welcoming back our friend & co-worker.

BryanMcPherson Bryan Mcpherson
@cbsboston the constitution was hauled off to jail last night. your welcoming people back to work. Amercans don't have jobs! Report news!

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@cbsboston your not even WBZ your CBS. Furthermore this only proves once again how out of touch the mainstream "media" is with reality

cbsboston WBZ Boston News
@BryanMcPherson you obviously aren't from around here. WBZ is CBS. & - we have plenty of "news" on our website. feel free to visit.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@cbsboston born and raised on the streets of Boston. Do your homework, news.

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba ("REPORTER")
@BryanMcPherson dude. "your not even WBZ your CBS" - grammatically incorrect. factually untrue. get a life.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@cbsboston you simply say what they tell you to say. Your a propaganda machine of lies and your time is up. The revolution will be tweeted.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour wbz is run by CBS. It has long since not been local news. Get hip

LauramomBoston Laura
@cbsboston @bryanmcpherson that just made me laugh. Nothing is obvious @cbsboston. @BryanMcPherson is most certainly from HERE! Report news!

EarlofHalifax Earl of Halifax
@cbsboston @BryanMcPherson do it off the air, people used to appreciate real news, now everyone wants to be TMZ and spread gossip and bull.

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson guess that makes me a puppet then. CBS must tell me what to write. Surprised they let me cover #occupy - #conspiracyidiots

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@LauramomBoston his poor grammar and incorrect assertion about WBZ made me assume otherwise. my bad.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour you said it. Cover man. Cover!!

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson we ARE. We welcomed back our co-worker via twitter. How is that a sin?

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@BryanMcPherson @thestevedujour and once you cover. Report!!!!!!!

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
One other thing. FUCK GRAMMAR!!!!

NickGoldMA Nick Gold
@BryanMcPherson Fucking A right!

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
Free publicity alert: I'll be @BryanMcPherson 's Dec 15 show booing & complaining about his music. #ifnewspeopletoldpeoplehowtodotheirjobs

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour I'd like to see that I'll put you on the list!

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour it's an insult to every American without a job and sitting in a cell for a nonviolent occupation and exercising their right.

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson not going to happen. For 1, I respect the fact that musicians are real ppl who work hard & take pride in all that they do.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour whatever that means.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour then why did you say you were going steve? Lies once again.

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson the hashtag says #IF - again, you're skewing the facts. you'd make a great propagandist

NickGoldMA Nick Gold
@BryanMcPherson Holy shit this is entertaining. Be sure to send a flyer to them for the show!

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour tell me steve, what are you guys having for lunch today? The people need to know. Looking forward to more from @cbsboston

LiamTat7 Will Tattan
How many people at @cbsboston actually were born and raised here like @BryanMcPherson? And by here I mean within city limits?

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson that's funny. See - I have a sense of humor. You obviously don't. Good luck with that.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour tell the news not jokes Steve

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour my argument is with @cbsboston

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
Ask a puppet if he knows he's a puppet

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson regardless, your argument is flawed. CBSBoston consists of News, Sports, Entertainment, Events, ETC. not just News.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour it consists of a lot of bullshit if you ask me and A LOT of other people. When people want truth, they don't tune to "news"

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson that's fine. When I want to listen to music that suits my taste, I don't listen to you (no offense).

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour thanks. That's a ringing endorsement ;) your on the list for the 15th. Join us!

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson I guess the difference is, I don't feel the need to attack your lyrics as "lies" just b/c I don't care for them.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour that's the difference between you and me. Oh and I'm not lying. That too

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson you're right. I take it back. Not "lying" - just uninformed in your opinions.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour I'll end here. "the revolution will not be televised" google it. Your on the list for the 15th @Occupy_Boston

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I See A Flag

Well I moved down the street from an American dream
And oh what a scene on the media screen
Because the police shot him down
He was laying on the ground
And now the whole damn town is going to burn to the ground
I don't understand

I see a flag blowing in the wind

I see crystal meth, internet, placing bets on a worldwide web
With your skeleton face and hollow eyes
2 more clicks before you die
And people lying sick in hospital beds
And doctors getting rich on the blood of the dead
And the poor lie still, like wolves in the street
They took that man down just walking a beat
I don't understand

But I see a flag blowing in the wind

I'm sorry kid there ain't no more jobs
For a working class stiff living low on the hog
Why don't you get yourself to college
Go get a degree. Go get yourself some debt
I hear they're giving it away for free
Because the banks taking your home
On a government loan and renting to own biological clones
With your pesticide cream and bionic fruit
Bunch of dancing monkeys dressed in suits
So I run down to the bay I gotta see the ocean blue
But Gilman Street is gonna get the boot
I don't understand

I see a flag burning in the wind

There ain't no easy way to end this song
I ain't got no answers 'cept mountains and fog
Cuz I seen the buildings built and I watched them crumble
I seen a nation of braggarts stumble humbled
I seen money come and go
People live and die
People giving up
Standing up to try
And all I can hope for is a better today
Cuz life's right now and its here I'll stay
Its here I will sing and here I will pray
To a billion gods I hope they all get their way
So lets just tare it all down
We can start from scratch
Keep our faces forward don't ever look back
A place where everybody's clothed and everybody's fed
And nobody's dieing from a lack of medicine
I don't understand
I see a flag lowered in the wind

So lets just burn all the money
For a currency of love
Fat Mike will think its funny
Feed the children drugs
Because the crackheads line the streets
In a giant bread line
Giving head for one more dime
And one more chance
And one more line
Lets all pledge allegiance to an American lie
Well I would like to pledge to life
And I would like to pledge to truth
Ask your questions later, first things shoot
Cuz no motherfucker they don't need no proof
The proof is the puzzle and the puzzle is the sleuth
And nothing's making sense except dollars and cents
It's a coup de'tat there ain't no president
He's a walking talking puppet just hanging from a string
Singing the songs the corporations say to sing
And you all sit there dancing and singing along
But there's no fucking words cuz there's no fucking song
He just reads it from a screen and you take it to heart
Let the fires light the night babe your lost in the dark
And I'll be Mad max and you can be Goldie Hawn
We'll start a fucking riot on the white house lawn
You better understand

I see a flag raised in the wind
I see a flag blowing in the wind

"American Boy, American Girl" Coming Soon.