Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There are idiots

There are idiots in the world
it is not necessarily their fault
its just who they are
and that's what they proclaim
"This is just who I am!"
proud ignorance
Hitler was just being who he was too
so was Jeffrey Dahmer
and the rest of the gang
so that is OK
some have degrees
some are masters
some work at Dunkin' donuts
some own Dunkin' donuts
some live in Cambridge
I was at a party once
with smart kids who have rich parents
this person asks where I live and then makes a face and says why?
I thought to myself and regret not saying
"why are you fat and ugly?"
I stayed for a while then left. It was a boring party.
It would be OK if they weren't so rude about it
I was at another party
Bob Dylan was playing.
she says
"whats this redneck music?"
and proceeds to put on the radio pop flavor of the month and shake her ass
Bob Dylan is the redneck?
one of the greatest writers of our time
really deep shit going on here
money power spect
I have to leave
I can't be around this
the only way I can tolerate this is with a big giant shot of heroin or a machine gun
or both
I leave and eat cheesecake with a girl from Turkey
she pays

The End

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