Thursday, February 26, 2009

god by popular demand and ostrich burgers and dog bites on bedford Avenue in brooklyn

I just saw god tonight actually.
on my way home.
out of the subway
down the street
he walked right out from underneath the bridge.
he walked right past me.

24 hours earler. ..I feel this needs to be documented....
I'm walking around Brooklyn with my friend before the show
when we spy the oldest ugliest fatest dog standing outside of a store
This dog is so ugly he doesnt even look like a dog.
he looks more like a pig
naturally I decide this dog needs a pet when...
the dog bites me
and i'm bleeding
and the cool kids are all staring at me

so i went and washed it off

my friend found the owner.
the dog has had its shots

I want revenge.

I go to a restaurant and buy an Ostrich burger.
Its disgusting but I eat it because I've never had one and I'm hungry.
I wanted to get my revenge and eat a dog burger but I couldn't find one.

I'm really tired

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