Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dear World

Update: October 15th

I am at the crossroads again. I just finished up the last shows of the last 3 month U.S. and Canadian tour in Santa Cruz, California. Thank you everyone who helped along the way. There are too many of you to name. I would not have been able to do it without you. Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows and supported live music. There is more to this than hitting the like button. I love the hell out of you all!
In the last year, I've done 3 U.S. tours and driven across this large country 6 times performing! I've played every corner of the U.S. And had a very successful run of shows for the first time in Canada!
I've been honored to open up for the Dropkick Murphys' and Tim Barry on tour and have been building a strong network of fans, friends, and family throughout the land. I hope to continue this journey for many years to come. I hope to see every inch of this earth along the way.
Having toured so much since the release of “American Boy / American Girl” and subsequent home run Kickstarter campaign for a van, the time has come to start working on a new record. The wheels are in motion, so to speak. I have written many many many songs over the years and many in the last couple of years since ABAG. I look forward to the pre-production and recording process and sharing them with the world. I am weighing all of my options as to where to break ground on this next project. I have been so many places and there are so many places I can go. I am at the crossroads again. I guess I am just throwing this out there to the world. I've been in the mist and I supposed clarity will come eventually. Before tour I moved my “stuff” into a storage unit and signed up for a PO box. This tour has been strange because I now have no home to go back to. It's an odd feeling this gypsy status. I'm fed and have a few bucks in my pocket and I have friends. I have prospects and a whole bunch of creative juice to squeeze out onto the next record. I suppose, I will listen to the waves a little while longer and see where the signs point. I've taken a lot of chances over the last few years and that's where life gets interesting. Outside of the comfort zone. I'm there now. Lets make some magic happen.

All the Best,

Bryan McPherson