Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Dog

The Dog has a shiny silver bowl
He actually has 2 shiny silver bowls
One bowl is for food
The other bowl is for water
Sometimes while he is eating, he sees another dog in the bowl
and he growls
and the dog in bowl growls
and then he barks
and the dog in the bowl barks
and then he growls some more
and then he barks some more
This can go on for an afternoon
Until I say "Gus, stop barking at yourself!"
and then he comes to my room for a pet

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thank you!

I got back from my west coast tour and got slammed with the flu! So, I been in bed with a high fever for the last week. This is the first day I've felt OK enough to actually write something on here. I just wanted to take a little time and personally thank everyone that helped me out on that one. It may have been a solo tour but I definitely did not do it on my own!
Much thanks to Jacqui Deegan! Matty V for getting the ball rolling and being the best temporary, non manager, advice giving, I'm not your manager, manager I ever had. Jessica Jekel for carting my ass around and putting the bug in my ear! Brian Mathews: Patron of the Arts. So here are the rest mofos. Nathan, Joe, Jessica and the rest of you crazy fuckers down in Carlsbad CA, for making that show. Long live the southern Californian tacos! Adam Shaw and Mike Mcolgan for getting me booked. Alex's Bar in the LBC. I always wanted to see where Sublime was from. I have no shame for liking Sublime. They were waaaay better than your crappy band. Trip Bar and Alex in LA for putting me on on 2 hours notice! Nicole for letting a strange person live in her living room for a few days. Ken Casey and Todd Benoit in SF for setting up that super rad show and SF tour. I shall return to the Bay Todd. I'll bring Wee Wee pads. Everyone at The Medicine Agency Gallery and Jason White! Pinhead Gunpowder what? Green Day what? Steve Neary, Brian Hanover and Brian Stevens and the attack of the Brians. Christopher Jonsson in Santa Cruz. Dude, we gotta catch up on the facebook! Sues Java for the free coffee. Just about made it to Seattle on that stuff. Chris from Action Patrol. Pleased to meet ya. Thanks for the T! The Plea for Peace Center in Stockton CA for letting me open up that punk rock show. Stockton CA for letting me leave alive and with my guitar. All of the happy cows on the California Coast. Your happiness makes me happy. The entire Pacific Northwest for the pretty hills and trees. Seattle! Rev and Liz and Success! For the awesome house show and Seattle tour. Rev, thanks for the corn dog mints. Austin and Anna for the hospitality! That's a very comfy couch FYI. Oh yea good burgers too. Portland Oregooooon! Vegan Mecca. All the fly chicas in Portland for sure ;) Kirsten Ringen. Alexander Hudjohn for setting up that show and the free-for-all afterward. Classic. Good times for sure. The Alleyway for having the show! Rebecca and her "friend" for coming all the way from Somerville! And last but not least, all my awesome friends and supportive family for putting up with this whack shit for all these years. Can't wait for the next tour. If I missed you on this list, I apologize. I blame it on the swine. Alright y'all. Back to bed. Hey, lets make a new record huh?

- Bryan