Thursday, February 26, 2009

Macedonian Radio

I now have Macedonian airplay. Hello Macedonia

PLAY-LIST 203“CORPUS DELICTI show” from MACEDONIAN radio 20.02.2009 (20:00h - 23:00h)

Intro 1. Bryan McPherson Desperate Times Fourteen Stories (CD) Indecent Music
First time playing in….Macedonia… 2. Chachi On Acid Coffee Is Good Food! Acid Flashback (CD) Duramater Productions
3. The Black Tartan Clan All For One Roots, Kilts ‘N Pipes (CD) 4Subculture Records
Web of The Week – Bolton Wonderland 4. Fago. Sepia Trois Lame Sure Ruse Mal (CD) Bolton Wonderland Records
5. Lady Jane Bulgarian Blues Bring Up The Kids (CD) Bolton Wonderland Records
Top10 Play List 6. Strongbow Never Give Up Terminal Life (CD) Vinyl Junkies
7. The Phantom Band Crocodile Checkmate Savage (CD) Chemikal Underground
8. Disco Violante Secret Society We Are Forever (CD) Not Enough
9. Eternal Tango Lady Berlin And The Acrobats First Round At The… (CDs) Selfrelease
10. Mary’s Kids Destroy! s/t (CD) selfrelease
11. Zelazowa Fade Too Elephants On A Mousehunt (CD) Serenka Music
12. Sunglasses After Dark Scream For More s/t (LP) Ufo Hi-Fi
13. The Black Marias Advertising Punk Anti-Social Behaviour (CD) selfrelease
14. Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! It’s Great Viven (CD) Munster Records
15. Chingaleros Crap The Cut Release The Apes (CD) Munster / Beat Generation
Some News… 16. Openightmare No Buck No Fuck The Harder We Come (CD) Vegas Records
LP of the week 17. Project Hopeless Man Ar Man Valkommen...(LP) Not Enough / Tofu Guerilla / Crisipoint
18. Project Hopeless You Ignorant Bastard Valkommen...(LP) Not Enough / Tofu Guerilla / Crisipoint
19. Project Hopeless Take A Look Around You Valkommen...(LP) Not Enough / Tofu Guerilla / Crisipoint
20. Project Hopeless Flytta Pa Dig Valkommen...(LP) Not Enough / Tofu Guerilla / Crisipoint
Split 21. La Gachette Sur La Route Split with Charge 69 (CDs) Rigger Records / Combat Rock
22. Charge 69 Montreal Split with La Ga (CDs) Rigger Records / Combat Rock
Covers 23. The Bellrays - I'm Alive V.A.-Tribute to The Dogs
(2 CD) Future Now Records
Classic 24. Anti-Nowhere League Fucked Up & Wasted Scum (CD) Impact Records
Labels to Recommend You – 25. Gallara Boogaloo Con Meningite Psycotic Strumental 6chette6 Sixties Records
26. Speedball JR Laguna Beach For The Broad Minded (CD) Green Cookie Records
27. Laughing In The Face Of… Sex Punch Technically, It’s Not Our Fault (CD) 901 DB Records
28. Hello Wembley Up Great Britain Up Great Britain (CDs) Velocity Recordings
29. Yava Folcore (CD) Edge Records
30. Critical Me King Greed Promised Land (CD) Magnitude 6.19 Records
…..we love this too !!! 31. The Wednesday Night Heroes Desperation Guilty Pleasures (CD) BYO Records
32. Me For Rent Nu Civilization No Fancy Style (CD) Nerdsound / Ammonia Records
Outro 33. Zaunpfahl Punkrock Leben Ist (CD) Nix Gut
34. The Pints Dads Army The White Plague (CD) Beer Fridge Records

god by popular demand and ostrich burgers and dog bites on bedford Avenue in brooklyn

I just saw god tonight actually.
on my way home.
out of the subway
down the street
he walked right out from underneath the bridge.
he walked right past me.

24 hours earler. ..I feel this needs to be documented....
I'm walking around Brooklyn with my friend before the show
when we spy the oldest ugliest fatest dog standing outside of a store
This dog is so ugly he doesnt even look like a dog.
he looks more like a pig
naturally I decide this dog needs a pet when...
the dog bites me
and i'm bleeding
and the cool kids are all staring at me

so i went and washed it off

my friend found the owner.
the dog has had its shots

I want revenge.

I go to a restaurant and buy an Ostrich burger.
Its disgusting but I eat it because I've never had one and I'm hungry.
I wanted to get my revenge and eat a dog burger but I couldn't find one.

I'm really tired

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brooklyn What What and my favorite Indian restaurant

Some pics from Kats Brooklyn rooftop and my favorite Indian restaurant. 1st Avenue and 6th street, Manhattan. If your ever in the neighborhood...

Monday, February 23, 2009

saw god again


I saw god on the corner again
I gave him a dollar and said “Hows it going god?”
“Doing pretty good” god said
. . .Guitar man
Its cold on Columbia road
He said “I’ve seen you play, your really talented”
Maybe in the subway a long time ago
I think god was paying me for the dollar
I said I gotta go god
“Ok take care” god said
I said goodbye

This is a true story
If you don’t believe me, you can ask god
He’s standing on the corner of Columbia Road and Dorchester Ave

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some people

Some people have the whole world in front of them and they crash right into it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Microsoft Nazi Bomb.

I myself am quite surprised that Microsoft would opt for an advertising campaign like this. Hmmmm. . .

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I can not believe this whole Michael Phelps thing.

I can not believe this whole Michael Phelps marijuana thing. I mean, clearly he is faking the whole thing. Look, Michael is so against marijuana that he pulled this whole stunt to teach kids a lesson. Just watch the video below and you can see that Michael is clearly not under the influence of anything and is doing his best to stare the nations children away from the horrors of active addiction. Come on people. Get with the program!

God is alive and swell on a corner in Dorchester.

I saw this guy on the corner today.
I see lots of people.
I saw lots of people walking by.
Nobody gives a shit.
They have headphones on.
We just walk by.
How anyone can just walk by this guy I do not know.
I gave him 2 bucks to take his picture.
This guy has more to say in this one picture than a lot of people do in a life time.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Good old days

There's an Eels song that goes "These could be the good old days"
Either its the title or its a line in the song, but it always pops in my head when I'm having a good time.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Amish Train

Back in Oswego again.
I survived a 10 and a half hour train ride.
I was reminded of the Nazis sending people to death camps on trains cramped in like sardines, starving, thisty, dirty, afraid for days.
I found my ride relaxing compared to those conditions.
I found myself lucky to be born into a better situation.
whose to say what the future holds though. .

There was a 2 hour layover in Albany.
Met a fellow traveler. He was living in Oregon, plays in a band and was heading to Chicago. We walked around downtown, split a pizza and headed back to the depot.
The connecting train from NYC was late. Traffic. Big surprise.

Got into Syracuse around 11. Evidently I missed a bunch of Amish people. I was hoping Shannon would keep them occupied so I could see them, but they were gone by the time I got to the station.

I've never seen an Amish person.