Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dear World

Update: October 15th

I am at the crossroads again. I just finished up the last shows of the last 3 month U.S. and Canadian tour in Santa Cruz, California. Thank you everyone who helped along the way. There are too many of you to name. I would not have been able to do it without you. Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows and supported live music. There is more to this than hitting the like button. I love the hell out of you all!
In the last year, I've done 3 U.S. tours and driven across this large country 6 times performing! I've played every corner of the U.S. And had a very successful run of shows for the first time in Canada!
I've been honored to open up for the Dropkick Murphys' and Tim Barry on tour and have been building a strong network of fans, friends, and family throughout the land. I hope to continue this journey for many years to come. I hope to see every inch of this earth along the way.
Having toured so much since the release of “American Boy / American Girl” and subsequent home run Kickstarter campaign for a van, the time has come to start working on a new record. The wheels are in motion, so to speak. I have written many many many songs over the years and many in the last couple of years since ABAG. I look forward to the pre-production and recording process and sharing them with the world. I am weighing all of my options as to where to break ground on this next project. I have been so many places and there are so many places I can go. I am at the crossroads again. I guess I am just throwing this out there to the world. I've been in the mist and I supposed clarity will come eventually. Before tour I moved my “stuff” into a storage unit and signed up for a PO box. This tour has been strange because I now have no home to go back to. It's an odd feeling this gypsy status. I'm fed and have a few bucks in my pocket and I have friends. I have prospects and a whole bunch of creative juice to squeeze out onto the next record. I suppose, I will listen to the waves a little while longer and see where the signs point. I've taken a lot of chances over the last few years and that's where life gets interesting. Outside of the comfort zone. I'm there now. Lets make some magic happen.

All the Best,

Bryan McPherson  

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Good Morning Slaves!

Good morning slaves! Pay any bills yet today on your day of rest? Working perhaps? Getting some OT? I've had some thoughts today. Forgive me, but it happens sometimes. I've decided to spew it forth on the internet to be ignored and or liked by the masses. Here we go thoughts. If I offended you I'm sorry. I will try not to think or communicate on here anymore.
Basically, the idea is to make you, the sheep, the herd, the cattle, a slave. A slave to something. We can't have everyone running around all free. The way I see it, the big ones are School Loans, Mortgage, Career, Medical/Death. I'm not even going to go into PRISON, THE WAR ON DRUGS, OR BREEDING.
Student Loans. So you go to college because they say that's the ticket. You take on a whole bunch of debt because you will have loads of money anyways and it will be easy to pay off since you will be on easy street from all of the college. Wrong. Now your way in debt for the next 10 to 20 years and the economy sucks because of all the debt. Maybe when your done you can buy a house and get back into debt.
Mortgage. You “buy” a home, you go into debt for the next 40 years. When your done paying for your home, you take out a reverse mortgage and slowly sell it back to them for some money to buy grocery’s before you die. You die, the bank takes your home back. Basically you rented and did all of the repairs.
Jobs. This one is pretty obvious. I mean you literally have a Master there telling you to do things you don't want to do everyday for all of your adult life. How does a job make you a slave? Do we really need to ask this question. You need money to live, to pay off either of the 2 above debts, and you need health insurance to avoid debt D which leads us to medical debt. If you quit job and become free you are really screwed because you will become a bum.
So you have avoided going to school, buying a house, and getting a real job. Well the joke is on you because you can not avoid getting sick at some point. A recent night in the hospital cost me 10,000. Not that I have that kind of money laying around, so its kind of a joke(hahahaha), but you can imagine if you get really sick, like cancer or something and you have no health insurance, we are talking MEGA debt, just to stay alive! No degree, no house, no fancy title. If you die, your kids get your debt, but since they have enslaved you for most of your adult life anyways they really deserve it.
So, one way or the other your going to be in debt and feel like some sort of slave. Welcome to America. You are free. The only way I see to avoid feeling like a slave is to just ignore this imaginary debt web they create. It makes you feel powerless. You turn over your blood sweat and tears and labor to some other human who is acting as your master and profiting from your slavery. They are probably also a slave to some other entity. So cheer up kids, debt slavery is really all in your mind. It's make believe. Just like money. It only “is” because you agree and say “it is”. If you let it. Freedom is also in your mind. Don't let them take that away from you. Today, I think I will be free.

P.S. I imagine I will hear from a lot of happy slaves content and prideful of all of their freedom in their slavery. To you I say, Bon Apetit.    

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tour Update 2013

Well, I haven't blogged in quite some time.  Welcome back blog world.  So here I am, welcoming the hospitality of a friend outside of Atlanta.  It has been quite a trip across the country once again.  Tour started in California.  Up the coast to the bay area in Oakland and Santa cruz.  Through the desert of Arizona and New Mexico and the never ending stretch of road known at West Texas on the epic highway 10. Through miles and miles and miles of desert and cactus to rolling fields and mountains, watching the scenery change like some sort of time lapse photography where you watch the seasons change outside of your windows. Meeting new people playing new places and for the most part meeting awesome new people. I saw the alimo but did not wait in line.
I've gotten very used to crashing in the van.  Really its a lot like camping.  I have an app for my phone that tells me where every friendly parking lot of a notorious national department store is that I will not name.  It's pretty easy in the south, as a lot of people travel through in RV's and trucks and so I just pull up with these guys, throw up my curtains, lock the doors, and jump in my sleeping bag and its lights out.
Played some shows in Texas and then Florida, where you go to the beach in february and swim and its warmer than any water in Califonia and New England but the locals think your carzy cuz its cold.  In the last few days I jumped on a show in Gainesville, FL not Georgia, and then came up to Georgia to play a rehab facility.  I'm telling you there is no better audience than a bunch of newly recovering addicts, some of which are still dopesick.  In the next few days I have some traveling to do and some stops to make.  I don't have a show until Wednesday in Richmond, VA.  Next Friday I meet up with the Dropkick Murphys to open for them at the electric factory in Philly.  I'm very glad I got to get on these shows.  It has been an awesome reason to tour the country again.  Every time I tour I don't want to stop.  I'm pretty happy with my life right now and truly grateful I get to travel and see America.  I hope I cam keep this ball rolling for as long as possible and continue to see the rest of the world!

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Occupied Album

I recently read a few reviews that were positive but suggested that my new album "American Boy / American Girl" was inspired by the Occupy movement.  Well, I feel a strong urge to clarify.  ABAG was already recorded and DONE before occupy ever happened and weeks before I even knew occupy was going on.  "I See a Flag" was written in the summer of 2010!  ABAG was already completely recorded in SEP of 2011.  It took months to find a record label to master it and put it out, or else it would have been out in October or November.
I WISH I could be so easily influenced. Then maybe I could fit in with the rest of the world.  I hope to someday have the financial means to write a few songs and then immediately record them and put it out.

My songwriting on that record was over the course of the previous YEARS.  It comes from the mist.  From the ether.   It may seem influenced by the Sep/October movement because that was and is the truth for a lot of people.  And P.S.  If it's too political, your not political enough.   

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dropped the new album. Great listener reviews from iTunes.

"American Boy / American Girl" dropped on Tuesday April 17th. It has been VERY well received by fans and friends.  Here are some of the reviews I pulled from iTunes. http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/american-boy-american-girl/id518893251

Customer Reviews
No more flying under the radar by nyhc_bill
Where to begin? Not my typical choice in music, but maybe that's just it. Great music can't be defined or placed in a category. The songs vary widely but all have the same masterpiece feel and a voice like no one elses. Bryan's voice couldn't be more recognizable and the heart and soul that the listener can feel is like no other. Words simply can't do this album justice...buy it this second and be glad you can say you knew who this guy was way back when before he was a mega star ...

Folk Music for the 21st Century by M. Ringo
Over the last few years there has been a group of current and former punk rock musicians trying their hand at alt. country or folk music. Bryan McPherson stands above all of them. It's amazing a kid from the streets of Dorchester, who has overcome his own personal demons, can bring an album soaked with current issues of our country and our world. These songs epitomize the Occupy movement, but were written before any of the demonstrations were held. Hopefully, some people will here these songs and feel encouraged that they are not alone in there displeasure with society and stand up, stand together to continue fighting for changes.

without a doubt one of the best albums of the year by lorie_d
wow. bryan mcpherson's sophomore album is truly a work of art. though his sound has become more refined, his gut-wrenching grit and passion for his music is undeniable. as with his previous album, fourteen stories, bryan's lyrics are poignant and angry yet remain full of hope. the emotion and fervor of his voice coupled with his guitar and harmonica drives you to the edge of your seat creating a sense of urgency only bryan can construct. this album does not waste a second and as "me, i am anger" states, this album doesn't "get fifteen chords to explain it," nor does it need it - instead bryan's genius ability to bring a sense of candor and simplicity to complicated issues shines through. without a doubt one of my favorite albums of the year. hats off to you bryan mcpherson for yet another amazing record!

CD and download available at http://statelinerecords.bandcamp.com/album/american-boy-american-girl
Also on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/american-boy-american-girl/id518893251
More info at http://www.bryanmcpherson.com

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kickstarter Campaign 2012!

Excited to announce my 31 day campaign for a tour worthy vehicle. Its been a long road playing shows and the time has come for more substantial touring. I need YOU. Please take a moment to check out my campaign and consider making a contribution! It would be incredibly appreciated.

Get Bryan Rolling Around America!



Friday, February 10, 2012

American Boy American Girl - drops April 17th!

Wicked happy to announce my new album, American Boy American Girl will come out on April 17th with State Line Records.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Smashing review in the Huffington Post

Great write up for the KerPunk festival in London!

"Bryan McPherson came onstage with only his guitar and played a brand of folk music reminiscent of the Dylan-esque intensity of the 60s with a Bruce Springsteen-like content focused on the working man and the plight of today's America. Full of passion and heart, it was obvious this wasn't just music to him, but a very personal journey through his own demons."

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Boston Show

The last Boston show was a wicked good time! It started outside the club and ended off the stage on the floor. Not for nothing, but these cats out front came all the way from Philly and couldn't come in to the club due to institutional ageism. Someone also flew in from Georgia for this! So, I got all of the youtubes together that I could find and put them in one spot so we can show the rest of the world how its done. Much love for my hometown.

1. OFD (outside the club)

Workers Song and Desperate Times

100 Cigarettes

Black Man

Angel in The Snow

Don't Terrorize Me

Poor Boy (On the dance floor)

Poor Boy (On the dance floor from the Matty V Cam)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 5 Digital Video Moments of 2011

In hindsight 2011 was a great year. It was not without its rough patches, but was a tremendous year of growth for me and I had a lot of exciting moments playing music! This list is just a few of them that were lucky enough to be caught on camera and my personal favorites.

5. "Don't Terrorize Me" At The Richshaw Stop San Francisco 2/20/2011.
The cool thing about playing music is, if your lucky, you get to meet some of your heroes. I got the rare opportunity to play a show with Mike Dirnt from Green days other band The Frustrators. I also got to play with my now friends Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children Macnuggets, The Phenomenauts, and Kepi Ghouli. Anyways it was a blast being able to play with and hang out with these guys. Epic indeed. Number 5 is "Don't Terrorize Me". By the way, I was severely out of tune for this song, but the crowd didn't seem to mind!

4. "Poor Boy" jumpoff at Occupy Oakland, Day 2, Downtown Oakland California 10/11/11
Being able to be a part of an historic movement is a rare opportunity indeed. I look back with pride at my involvement with the occupy movement. Here I was able to kick off the music at Occupy Oakland on its second day of life. Whoda thunk a massive drum and dance corps was rallying into the plaza? Hella rad.

3. "O.F.D." on the sidewalk in Boston 12/15/2011

You never stop being from Boston. After having been gone for nearly a year,it was great to go home! Unfortunately the venue had to axe its 18+ age restriction and adopt a 21+, leaving some people out on the sidewalk. Naturally I had to come out and play a few tunes and as usual, someone tried to stop me. Number 3 is O.F.D!

2. "Poor Boy in Pasadena" Los Angeles County, California 9/18/2011

After having driven 8 hours to play a show in Socal, I was completely ignored by the local crowd. Nobody would come inside the venue from outside smoking cigarettes. A few peeps were inside supporting me. Then the bartender turned the house music on during one of my quieter songs. For my last song I got pissed off and just jumped off stage , went outside an sang it right at them. Sometimes an audience just needs a little coaching or a dope slap :) Number 2 is Poor Boy in Pasadena.

1. "No Creed No Class No Nation", Oscar Grant Plaza, Oakland California 10/27/2011

Its not every day that Michael Moore opens up for you.. well errr ahh it was an honor being able to perform after him and usher folks out ;) This was taken at what might have been the peek of Occupy Oakland, or at least the initial encampment on Oscar Grant Plaza. It really captures the vibe as well as the ever present helicopter. Its number one because it really symbolizes the year for me and takes the cake for the sheer awesomeness of what went down. Power to THE PEOPLE!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Oakland Oct/Nov

10/11/11 Day 2



Thursday, October 13, 2011

From The First Revolutionary I Ever Met

I was looking at photo's from a lot of the occupy sites on facebook and now have tear's streaming down my face, because i feel for you and all of those out in the street's crying out for "justice for all". I want to go there with blanket's and rain gear and food for everybody, but i can not right now all i can do is donate money and I have, but that is simply not enough. I will go there and I will talk with them and support them this week end. I don't know what the future hold's, but it gives me hope when I see so many color's,ages, and gender's together fighting for what is right and just. The old timer I am sending a pic of is my new hero

Love Mom

via http://www.bryanmcpherson.blogspot.com

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupied. 10/11/2011

Twitter 10/11/2011

This is what CBS/WBZ was tweeting today. Mindless, non-news worthy, tweets the day after over 100 arrests, beatings, lies, and violence on non violent protesters by the government in Boston Massachusetts and in cities across The United States.

The following is my response and an exchange with CBS Boston and with the reporter they assigned to cover Occupy Boston, a self proclaimed afficianado of food, drink,sports,and apparently at one time a struggling musician with a myspace page and 7 friends. http://www.myspace.com/stevesaleeba

Upon revisiting this conversation it becomes abundantly clear just how arrogant and condescending The Steve Dujor and CBSboston are in regards to the thoughts and concerns of citizens. He continually takes jabs at me and attempts to weasel out of them. All of this was happening while he was supposedly covering Occupy Boston. After a while I realized the "i know you are but what am I" mentality of the man, so I wrapped it up and went about my business. It is below. You do need to speak twitter to understand it. If you do not speak twitter, you need to learn. That is where the news is. It is from people like you and me. People that are there seeking the truth and passing it along. It is not coming from spoon-fed ignorant well-paid hypocrites that do the bidding of the machine.

Or maybe I'm really off base here and they are right. You be the judge. I welcome any and all comments and opinions.

PS. There will be grammatical errors, because grammar just isn't that important.

cbsboston WBZ Boston News
Water problems in #Barre. Residents are being asked to conserve while town tracks leak of up 80,000 gallons a day. - @PeterWBZ

cbsboston WBZ Boston News
Lost in a Danvers corn maze, person calls police. (no word on whether they were being stalked) cbsloc.al/r2vB5a

cbsboston WBZ Boston News
"Applause in the newsroom! @LisaWBZ is back from maternity leave! - @PeterWBZ"

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
“@cbsboston: Applause in the newsroom! @LisaWBZ is back from maternity leave! - @PeterWBZ” this is what wbz is tweeting today?????????

cbsboston WBZ Boston News
@BryanMcPherson Yep. Sorry if we offended you by welcoming back our friend & co-worker.

BryanMcPherson Bryan Mcpherson
@cbsboston the constitution was hauled off to jail last night. your welcoming people back to work. Amercans don't have jobs! Report news!

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@cbsboston your not even WBZ your CBS. Furthermore this only proves once again how out of touch the mainstream "media" is with reality

cbsboston WBZ Boston News
@BryanMcPherson you obviously aren't from around here. WBZ is CBS. & - we have plenty of "news" on our website. feel free to visit.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@cbsboston born and raised on the streets of Boston. Do your homework, news.

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba ("REPORTER")
@BryanMcPherson dude. "your not even WBZ your CBS" - grammatically incorrect. factually untrue. get a life.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@cbsboston you simply say what they tell you to say. Your a propaganda machine of lies and your time is up. The revolution will be tweeted.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour wbz is run by CBS. It has long since not been local news. Get hip

LauramomBoston Laura
@cbsboston @bryanmcpherson that just made me laugh. Nothing is obvious @cbsboston. @BryanMcPherson is most certainly from HERE! Report news!

EarlofHalifax Earl of Halifax
@cbsboston @BryanMcPherson do it off the air, people used to appreciate real news, now everyone wants to be TMZ and spread gossip and bull.

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson guess that makes me a puppet then. CBS must tell me what to write. Surprised they let me cover #occupy - #conspiracyidiots

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@LauramomBoston his poor grammar and incorrect assertion about WBZ made me assume otherwise. my bad.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour you said it. Cover man. Cover!!

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson we ARE. We welcomed back our co-worker via twitter. How is that a sin?

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@BryanMcPherson @thestevedujour and once you cover. Report!!!!!!!

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
One other thing. FUCK GRAMMAR!!!!

NickGoldMA Nick Gold
@BryanMcPherson Fucking A right!

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
Free publicity alert: I'll be @BryanMcPherson 's Dec 15 show booing & complaining about his music. #ifnewspeopletoldpeoplehowtodotheirjobs

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour I'd like to see that I'll put you on the list!

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour it's an insult to every American without a job and sitting in a cell for a nonviolent occupation and exercising their right.

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson not going to happen. For 1, I respect the fact that musicians are real ppl who work hard & take pride in all that they do.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour whatever that means.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour then why did you say you were going steve? Lies once again.

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson the hashtag says #IF - again, you're skewing the facts. you'd make a great propagandist

NickGoldMA Nick Gold
@BryanMcPherson Holy shit this is entertaining. Be sure to send a flyer to them for the show!

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour tell me steve, what are you guys having for lunch today? The people need to know. Looking forward to more from @cbsboston

LiamTat7 Will Tattan
How many people at @cbsboston actually were born and raised here like @BryanMcPherson? And by here I mean within city limits?

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson that's funny. See - I have a sense of humor. You obviously don't. Good luck with that.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour tell the news not jokes Steve

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour my argument is with @cbsboston

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
Ask a puppet if he knows he's a puppet

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson regardless, your argument is flawed. CBSBoston consists of News, Sports, Entertainment, Events, ETC. not just News.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour it consists of a lot of bullshit if you ask me and A LOT of other people. When people want truth, they don't tune to "news"

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson that's fine. When I want to listen to music that suits my taste, I don't listen to you (no offense).

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour thanks. That's a ringing endorsement ;) your on the list for the 15th. Join us!

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson I guess the difference is, I don't feel the need to attack your lyrics as "lies" just b/c I don't care for them.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour that's the difference between you and me. Oh and I'm not lying. That too

TheSteveDuJour steve saleeba
@BryanMcPherson you're right. I take it back. Not "lying" - just uninformed in your opinions.

BryanMcPherson Bryan McPherson
@TheSteveDuJour I'll end here. "the revolution will not be televised" google it. Your on the list for the 15th @Occupy_Boston

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I See A Flag

Well I moved down the street from an American dream
And oh what a scene on the media screen
Because the police shot him down
He was laying on the ground
And now the whole damn town is going to burn to the ground
I don't understand

I see a flag blowing in the wind

I see crystal meth, internet, placing bets on a worldwide web
With your skeleton face and hollow eyes
2 more clicks before you die
And people lying sick in hospital beds
And doctors getting rich on the blood of the dead
And the poor lie still, like wolves in the street
They took that man down just walking a beat
I don't understand

But I see a flag blowing in the wind

I'm sorry kid there ain't no more jobs
For a working class stiff living low on the hog
Why don't you get yourself to college
Go get a degree. Go get yourself some debt
I hear they're giving it away for free
Because the banks taking your home
On a government loan and renting to own biological clones
With your pesticide cream and bionic fruit
Bunch of dancing monkeys dressed in suits
So I run down to the bay I gotta see the ocean blue
But Gilman Street is gonna get the boot
I don't understand

I see a flag burning in the wind

There ain't no easy way to end this song
I ain't got no answers 'cept mountains and fog
Cuz I seen the buildings built and I watched them crumble
I seen a nation of braggarts stumble humbled
I seen money come and go
People live and die
People giving up
Standing up to try
And all I can hope for is a better today
Cuz life's right now and its here I'll stay
Its here I will sing and here I will pray
To a billion gods I hope they all get their way
So lets just tare it all down
We can start from scratch
Keep our faces forward don't ever look back
A place where everybody's clothed and everybody's fed
And nobody's dieing from a lack of medicine
I don't understand
I see a flag lowered in the wind

So lets just burn all the money
For a currency of love
Fat Mike will think its funny
Feed the children drugs
Because the crackheads line the streets
In a giant bread line
Giving head for one more dime
And one more chance
And one more line
Lets all pledge allegiance to an American lie
Well I would like to pledge to life
And I would like to pledge to truth
Ask your questions later, first things shoot
Cuz no motherfucker they don't need no proof
The proof is the puzzle and the puzzle is the sleuth
And nothing's making sense except dollars and cents
It's a coup de'tat there ain't no president
He's a walking talking puppet just hanging from a string
Singing the songs the corporations say to sing
And you all sit there dancing and singing along
But there's no fucking words cuz there's no fucking song
He just reads it from a screen and you take it to heart
Let the fires light the night babe your lost in the dark
And I'll be Mad max and you can be Goldie Hawn
We'll start a fucking riot on the white house lawn
You better understand

I see a flag raised in the wind
I see a flag blowing in the wind

"American Boy, American Girl" Coming Soon.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Los Angeles

Dear Los Angeles,

I did not come 3000 miles, 1 year, a 7 hour drive, and a broken string to be ignored.

All The Best,

Bryan McPherson

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time I knew this girl who believed in god. She believed so much that she told everyone she knew to believe in God. She even spoke for god. Then one day her friend died unexpectedly. It was a tragic event. Now, this girl I knew, ceased to believe in God. She was so convinced that there was no god that she had to tell everyone she met and everyone she knew that there was no god.
I really wish this girl would make up her mind.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dangerous Friends on Radio Voices

Recently hung out and played a bunch of songs on Radio Voices Berkeley Liberation Radio.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'll give you the socks off my back

Yesterday I was walking around downtown Oakland. I found myself down in the lower half, where at least 27 people are going to ask you for change. I'm new around here. I don't always know where to go.

Let me back track. Yesterday morning I woke up next to sexy and I had to go home before I went to go do the work for the man. I grabbed my trusty bag and noticed that I had a pair of socks in there. I thought to myself, why are these socks in here? I do not recall putting these socks in here? I figured hey, I'll leave them. You never know when you might need a pair of socks.

Allow me to fast forward. I'm walking around downtown Oakland. The lower half, where at least 27 people are going to ask you for change and I realize I need to piss pee urinate caffeinate etc.. So I stop into this fast food restaurant of the 5 start caliber. I order my processed drink, ask where's the sink, and proceed down the lane where I meet a man. He was sitting by the bathroom door and he said to me, can you spare some change? I said no, can't help you. Then he said, Can you spare some socks? I stopped in my tracks and said, socks? He said yea socks? I said, as a matter of fact I can spare some socks. I will be right back. I went into the bathroom, handled my business, came out, reached in my bag and pulled out a pair of my finest black socks. I said here you go man. I don't know if they are clean. He said I don't care and proceeded to put the socks on under his worn shoes and busted feet. he said thanks. i said no problem. As I was walking out another man came up to me and said God damn, that dude is having one hell of a lucky day. to get a pair of socks from some stranger? I nodded and laughed and said something that I don't remember. On my way out the other dude followed and said, you sure you don't know that guy? I just smiled and laughed and said nope while holding my arms out.

I don't know why weird shit happens, but I know it does.

They call me Sock Man.

True Story.

Monday, May 2, 2011

We got him!!!

We finally got him. Victory is ours. I am warning you the picture below you may find disturbing. Parental advisory is strongly suggested.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Frustrators! Phenomenauts! Kepi Ghoulie! Bryan McPherson! and MC's Bobby Joe Ebola and The Chicken Macnuggets

The Frustrators(featuring Mike Dirnt from Green Day) are back and doing a little California tour. I'm stoked to be on the San Francisco show. February 20th at The Rickshaw Stop Tickets available here http://www.rickshawstop.com/event/28223/

Happy Birthday

"Happy Birthday" is the saddest song I've ever heard.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


No. Jeffrey Dahmer.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It was really great to be back home! I was lucky enough to play 3 awesome shows. Great Scott, Bull Mcabes, and The Midway. I got to play with a bunch of awesome solo artists and bands and am stoked those shows came together. Much love to my friends Wolves and the Radio, Jeff Rowe, Ryan the Terible for the Great Scott show. It was very awesome to come home on a Tuesday night before a blizzard and still play to a full room of VERY enthusiastic people. Goosebumps people, for real.

Thanks to Mark Lind, Mark Cannata, and David Wells for Bull Mcabes in Somerville. That place was bumpin. When I said 100 people in a 50 person bar, I meant it. Made me think that WHEN I hit it bigtime, I'm gonna book a weeks worth of shows at very small dive-bars in Boston in the middle of January! Keep it real. haha

And much thanks to Lenny Lashley and his Gang of One and The Old Edison for having me on for a few songs at a sold out Midway Cafe. I had a blast playing a few tunes and luckily did not have to go GG Allen on people (nods to lenny) Keep an eye out for these bands. A lot of these guys have records that just came out, so check em out huh!

I had a good walk around the old neighborhood I grew up in after the snow storm. It was night, but bright with the snow reflecting off of the clouds and the clouds reflecting off of the snow and the moon glowing. Down to Neponset Ave, up that really big hill by the Creamery, to the top of Hemmey Park, where we used to sled down suicide, run from cops, play basketball, and get guns pulled on us. Ahhh Dorchester :) Down past 'New Kid Danny Woods house. All of the Euro fans have gone away. Down Londsdale where the plane crashed, to Florida Street. Wheres the FSP posse these days? South bay? Up to DOT ave, past Dimitrios to Arthurs which has been Charlies for at least 20 years, but will always be Arthurs because when you had no money, but your friends did, they gave you a free slice. Past St Marks looking haunted and alone with the street lights on and the snow. Down King Street past the Courts where legendary tennisball and Street Hockey games were played, underage drinking, smoking and other illegal activities were engaged in, to Kings Corner where there were always 50 misfit kids hanging. Those were the days guys huh? Well It was a good trip back Boston. I'll be back soon! Off to San Francisco tonight for another gig.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

"Santa Clause is an impostor. Ain't no white man coming down your chimney with presents. Maybe with handcuffs! That's right. Y'all heard it from me"

- Random man on Market St. San Francisco, CA

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I am Chip Man

I am the potato chip man
every day I deliver these potato chips
some are made of potatoes
some are not
some are made of mystery things
some are made with corn
some are deep fried in stuff
it bubbles and gooze
some are baked in ovens
they burn people in ovens sometimes too
sometimes while they are alive
I deliver the chips though
some are crispy unless they are stale
they are slightly moist and chewy
why is that?
some have cheese on them
no no no not cheese cheese
powdered cheese
yea some have salt and vinegar and sour cream powder and barbecue
but not barbecued chicken
barbecue sauce powder stuff
every day I deliver these chips to stores and gas stations and super markets
every day I go home
every day I think about driving the truck off the bridge
but I don't
the people need the chips
at the end of a week
(really, the only day I like)
i get a bunch of paper tickets
with these I like to buy some chips of my own
the company gives me a discount
they have big fancy houses
I like the cheese ones
sometimes I like to mix them with the barbecue
sometimes I use them to cut my arm and watch myself bleed
on saturday I take my kids places, mow the lawn mohawk concrete patch
I'm lucky
lots of people would kill to be the chip man
like that guy over there drinking the listerine in his own bodily fluids
yea some say he used to deliver chips too
monday I'll go deliver the chips
and start the week all over again
one day I will die
and someone else will deliver the chips

Saturday, September 4, 2010


White flight. White people leave cities and breed in suburbs

Gentrification. White people offspring return to cities and bring suburbs with them creating hipster movement and resident permit parking

Bryan moves to suburban city, jogs a lot, has thoughts.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If Shit Rolls down Hill Part 2

In response to me recent blog about not wanting to work on a hill where shit was rolling down and wanting to avoid setting myself up for said shit avalanche a friend commented "Its all a hill"
And then I thought "damn, he's right" The world is round. Its a giant, or small, ball. You can not exist on a ball without being on a hill. Since the world is curved the whole thing is a hill. My friend is right. Shit is unavoidable. Shit....Happens...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Once upon a time I was a busker

Once upon a time I was a busker.
I was a bad-ass motherfucker busker
Cutting my teeth sharp
Go play 100 gigs to your clapping friends
or hit the streets for a few days and see what you really got
I had some of my best shows ever at Park St Station and Harvard square
Sometimes I wouldn't make much
Sometimes I'd make a lot
it all depends on your spot
amplification is also key
I'm not much of a busker anymore
My skins gotten too thin
or I'm not desperate enough
I suppose I got enough validation from strangers to start playing for clapping friends
I remember long Saturdays playing for burrito money
going underground in the cold
coming out of porter square station in a blizzard
20 dollars richer
huffing all my gear through the snow covered streets to an apartment in Cambridge I shared with 2 roommates
I lit Harvard square on fire one night
Burnt it down
I could hear the smart kids screaming
my fire hurt so much
made 100 bucks in an hour
thats not every night
thats not every time
Sometimes I'd make a buck
take a beating
shit luck
no meaning
I played all originals
Sure I guess its easy to please the masses and go out and play a bunch of covers that everyone knows and throws
dollars and quarters
pelting you in the head
you can play freebird for that asshole walking by
or play happy birthday for Mr Impressive out with his girl dropping 50 cents in your case like your a jukebox
are you a jukebox
or a joke?
Get a job if you wanna do that shit
I play happy birthday my own way
or I don't play it at all
go play your own shit your own way and see what people really think
see if they listen
see if they know what you mean
are you an artist, a performer
or both?
have you ever made someone cry
with your own tears
transformed into notes
and words
somehow magically like some sort of soul stew
Or you can go do Bonjovi songs
whatever man
whatever floats your boat
I find myself in Berkeley California with a handful of new songs and very little money
the more things change the more they stay the same
Figure I'll check out the busker scene
the more things change the more they stay the same
no amp
no mic
just me and a guitar
A few people dropped me some loot and a nod
a crazy lady got in my face and started yelling at me about making her cry last week.
Someplace I never was and something I never did
2 paralyzed homeless dudes got most of the money coming out of peoples pockets
one woman yelled from down the corridor that "I was pretty good. Keep it up"
I yelled back "Thanks for the validation. I was just about to quit until you told me that"
Mostly people ignored me and went about their business
as I do when I ride trains
a lot of people looked over their shoulder
I made 6 bucks and a condom
almost covered cost
The motherfucking BART is a goddamn ripoff I don't care what anybody says
everyones a comedian
I did get to work on my new songs without disrupting the landlord
I wasn't expecting much
I know you need an amp and a mic and a mic stand and a good spot to make anything
I killed a friday night dead though
that night is dead
so dead
not breathing, not eating, not complaining or straining
I bought 3 tacos for 39 cents each
what a fucking deal
went home and looked for jobs on the Internet
Once upon a time I was a busker
I'm not cut out for busking anymore