Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Street Lights Story Part 1

Haven't said much on here in a while, so I guess I will just tell yee ole blog what I been up to.

Decided to put "Street Lights" on the web for free download.
I made the thing with the intention of giving it to some labels to hopefully get a full length studio release going. Meanwhile it has just been sitting here collecting dust, all the while people are saying "when are you going to record again?"

So I figured hey, lets throw it on the web and people can download it for free! It didn't cost much to make. Plus, I don't have the funds to actually press a "CD" so I figured what the fuck, people love free shit, especially music.

I copied The Motion Sick and put it on makes money off of advertising and pays artists accordingly per download, all the while you the hungry music consumer still get to download it for free. Everybody is happy and I might be able to pay my rent this month and not end up out on the street.

I whipped up the cover art based on a photograph I like that Jon Cohan took and named it Street Lights based on one of the lines in 'Down Down Marie'. Also in the photograph, the lighting creates a streetlight sort of feel.

So far people have been downloading it and that makes me feel good.
I hope people continue to download it, so do me a favor and if you like it spread the word!
Hope your summer is going well blog. My summer has been interesting per usual.