Thursday, September 24, 2009

Breakin' The Law


Recently there were a number of flyers posted around the city with Bryan Mcpherson name attached. Please note that posting is not permitted in Cambridge, other than on private property with the owner’s permission. Attached is a copy of the City of Cambridge ordinance that addresses this issue.

In the future please abstain from this practice. Apart from being prohibited, posting detracts from the aesthetic appeal of our city and results in many staff hours spent scraping poles to remove the glue or tape that adheres to them. Attaching to the outside or placing postings inside of news racks is also prohibited and could result in citations being issued. If posting are not removed within the given time by September 13, 2009 we will issue a citation for any flyers found.

We would like for you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss removing the postings so that you don’t end up with fines as regulation states in the ordinance.

Thank you for helping to stop this practice. It is your assistance that can help to keep our city clean. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please call Compliance Officer Vincent Best at 617-349-4869.


William Dwyer

Supt of Streets & Sidewalks

Vincent Best, Compliance Officer

City of Cambridge DPW

147 Hampshire street

Cambridge, Ma. 02139

(617) 349 - 4869 Office

(617) 349 - 4868 Fax (508) 509-6065

Monday, September 21, 2009

I have an odd set of emotions

"I have an odd set of emotions toward you; One of which is maternal. Its odd considering I like to fuck your brains out"

What the fuck are you doing here?

Boss: I checked your shit out online

Oh yea?

Your really talented.

Me: Thanks

Boss: What the fuck are you doing here?

Me: Working


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

I got a job

I got a job at an auto body shop sweeping and cleaning and moving stuff and driving cars. On the interview I almost got hit by a car. I said "First rule, don't get hit by a car" The boss said "No, that's the second rule. The first rule is sweep and clean." I thought that was funny.

New Studio Record

For folks asking about a new studio record.

I have no money.

The End.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

DJ Playlist Glowstick Ectasy

This is the Superstar DJ Playlist from the Village Green- Monday nights at the middle east upstairs. Basically myself and Christine Moore and Simon play music off of our ipods and talk about how we will someday dominate the world by creating the world most gimmicky band.
Come by. Hang out. Maybe throw a drink at somebody..?

The National - Fake Empire
Tom Waits - Hang Down Your Head
Old Crowe Medicine Show - Take 'em Away
Sex Pistols - Anarchy in The UK
Naughty By Nature - Everythings Gonna Be Alright
Brendan Bensan - Blessed
The Byrds w/Gram Parsons - Hickory Wind
Township - Sinister Mister
Wu Tang Clan - CREAM
The Clash - Police and Thieves
Mung - Red Light
Cock Sparrer - Teenage Heart
Rancid - Old Friend
Operation Ivy - Freeze Up
Swinging Utters - Fifteenth
Tomorrow The Gallows - The Beds that We've Made
Wolf Parade - Modern World
The Stooges - TV Eye
Patti Smith - Land
King Tuff - Ruthie Ruthie
Larcenist - Excuse
GNR - Used to Love Her
Johnny Cash - Spiritual
Bad Religion - Stranger than Fiction
Defiance Ohio - The Condition
Billy Bragg -Way over yonder
The Goddamn Rattlesnake - We'll Take This Town
The Freeks - Back Bay Cops
The Hives - Two Timin
GG Allin - Kill The Police
Lenny and The Piss Poor Boys - Cambridge Port Salloon
James Brown - Down and Out in NYC
Screwdriver - Sweet Home Alabama
Choking Victim - 500 Channels
Showcase Showdown - Oi Oi Deacon
The Ducky Boys - White Slum
Public Enemy - Fight The Power
Arcade Fire - Intervention
The Modern Lovers - I wanna Sleep in your Arms

This is probably the last playlist I will publish, as it is too much work typing all of this in.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Song

What is a song?
Well I guess its words and music together, wrapped around each other, that tap into some sort of human truth or beauty or emotion. I think of a song as its own organism. Its own being. A sort of life. They are birthed. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes. Sometimes months. I am speaking from my own experience. I have been messing with the song for quite sometime and still can not wrap my brain around any sort of scientific approach to my creative process. I literally just pick up an instrument whenever I get the chance and sometimes its there and sometimes it is not. Every time I try to write something about something it is shit. I have to NOT try and the song comes whenever it wants to. Usually late at night or when I am in a rush. I attribute this to my subconscious being active because my conscious brain is preoccupied with leaving or working or trying to sleep or whatever. leaving room for whatever truth may or may not be lurking in my soul. True songs are what I'm talking about. Songs that came from beyond outer space. Songs that don't know how they were written or why..They just were...
Allow me to ramble..
In my musical endeavors I have had the opportunity to play with some great musicians from all sorts of different backgrounds and nothing drives me more insane than when someone analyzes a song. You see, this is what drives them crazy. Them being the scientists. It looks so simple on paper. A few chords and some words and presto! A hit song. They study it in schools. They wrack their brains. They spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to learn how to write a song because on paper it looks so easy, but in reality its something a little different. A little mystical. Definitely mysterious and can not be bought.
I live in an school city. If you can chew gum someone will ask you if you went to school for it. If you have a nice belt they think perhaps you learned how to appreciate belt fashion at Harvard or something. I cant say how many times when out busking and being somewhat anonymous musically people have asked me if I went to Berklee. Berklee? I write songs. I am not or do not wish to be Slash or Santana. I never wear sunglasses at night and if I were to ever go to college I would spend the money on something more useful than rock and roll school.
For me the journey into and out of songwriting is inward. Its the breaking down of walls and wondering into places I don't necessarily want to go. Its living life. Good or bad. Having experiences. Soaking it up and squeezing it out like a sponge. Its not pouring over text books or listening to someone tell me what a good song is. I know what a good song is. Just like you do. A good song is something that makes you feel ok when your ready to just say fuck it and jump off a bridge. Its love on a sunny day with the windows down on the road. It rain. Its everything human. It makes you pump your fists in the air, jump around, fuck , and dream. Its even Brittany fucking spears. Someone somewhere wrote the damn song for her and underneath all the makeup there is a song there that someone wrote that someone felt to be true.
I got no time for songwriting books, classes, lessons, suggestions, lectures bla bla bla
One time someone told me. "I really like your music. I had to play it for my friend because I didn't know why I liked it. Because its so simple." Do you need to ask your friend why you find beauty in a rainbow or a shadow or a few bright strokes on a canvas. Why it feels so good to lay down after a long day?
What is a song?
I still don't know.
Its something I'm still chasing.
When it comes, it comes and sometimes it feels more like a curse than any sort of talent.
Like a lonesome lover waiting at the window. Only to be left again until the next encounter. Whenever that may be..