Saturday, July 11, 2009

Black Man

Due to popular demand I'm posting the lyrics to my song "Black Man". I am trying to put together and EP to release this tune with a studio version this summer. In the meantime there is a youtube of this video when I played it opening up for Chuck Berry.

Hey black man black man
I saw them read you your rights today
Hey black man black man
I saw them cuff you and take you away
Look at the rock and roll
The white man stole
He wants your soul to call his own
He's taking slaves to work all day
Except today the slaves get paid..... Sometimes

Hey woman woman
How's your right to vote?
Hey woman woman
Its such a slippery slope
Going down on hope
and freedom comes
Like your man on the run
See the back door slam
You watch him go
He always cums
And then he always goes. . . .

Gay man gay man
They all say that you started AIDS
Gay man gay man
Please please please be afraid
When the Christians come
And then they say
Your gonna go to hell
Unless you pray
For how you love
For who you are
Foolish words tear and scar

Tranny tranny
How's it feel at the bottom of the list?
Tranny tranny
How's it feel to suffer a violent death?
In self defense
At the rivers edge
Cut up, fucked, and Bled
For how you dress
For who you are
Foolish words tare and scar

To anyone anyone
I left out of this song
Go right your own
I don't like my songs too long
Sing it loud, sing it in the street
Sing it proud to those you meet
And wen you learn
Learn to love
You can rise above
And love
And love
And love


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Straight up motherfucker blast
run yo shit white boy
get down get down
scuffle scuffle shakedown
laying down in the street
blood drips
rising in the dust walking slowly
rusted busted back bone broken
shattered like the glass and the gun stuck
stuck here since 1983
under a street light
and a moon