Thursday, March 26, 2009


There are so many things I accept on a daily basis
ignore their natural wonder
the awesomeness of the whole thing
walking around on a giant sphere
breathing this oxygen into my lungs
having thoughts
understanding only a fraction on the entire thing
knowing that I need to put this water in my mouth and swallow it
eating food
sleeping and waking back up.
love death
war hatred laughter
the fucking sun
a giant ball of fire burning down and giving life to everything
the moon
the ground
the ocean
sub atomic particles existing in 2 places at once
me existing in a hundred places at once in my head
being aware of myself
and my life
Its all so goddamn strange if I really stop and think about it
instead im worried about trivial shit
paper fucking money
imagine if half of america just decided not to agree that this paper has any real value
and chose not to accept it as a currency
because really at the end of the day and given the right situation
toilet paper is more valuable than a 100 dollar bill
instead im worried about my rent
i wonder where my landlady gets all the money for her construction projects and new tv's then I check my wallet
and her dog still barks at me and chases me to my door
but lets keep this rant positive
thats what I mean
cant get caught up in the bullshit
but once in a while I walk in the rain
and hear a really good song
and I feel ok
and I feel alright in the world
alright in the vast cloudy mist
and the mystery
and it makes sense just for a moment

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