Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dawn of the Dead.

I'm watching Dawn of The Dead.
I've seen the original like 850 times.
I'm watching the new one.
I've seen this one like 50 times.
For some reason movies about zombies taking over the world relax and comfort me. What can I say? I'm weird.
Played a gig tonight.
It was another gig.
I was nervous about it.
Sometimes I get more nervous than other times. My parents were there, so I was nervous about that. Its a quiet room where everyone pays attention and there's no loud noise, or bottles clanging, or red sox games, where people start cheering in the middle of a song.
The turnout was less than I usually get there.
I try to focus on the people who were there and not the people who weren't.
I try not to care.
You play enough gigs and you have to not care, because if you do, its too painful.
It was a fun night though. Mark Lind played as well. He played with Britney Grey singing and they pulled it off nice. I enjoyed there set and sat around digesting my Chinese food.
Word of advice.
Unless starving, try to hold off on heavy/greasy food before singing your heart out. Its not a good time for indigestion.
So I played a handful of new songs.
I'm excited about them and look forward to an opportunity to record them. I figure something will come up. When I write songs, ways of recording them turn up. Its the way dude.
So what am I doing writing in this stupid blog? I don't know. . .Gathering my thoughts?
I've seen this movie like 50 times and I have nothing better to do.
Sleep has been a stranger these days. the change of the season or something. Haven't fealt too comfortable. I'm not looking forward to another Boston winter and I'm sick of my threats to move. If I move, I'm going to Austin texas. Austin Texas baby.


Michael Johnson said...

I love zombie movies as well. I think the remake of "Dawn" is one of the better remakes. I just hope nobody every tries to remake "Night of the Living Dead" though.

Bryan Mcpherson said...

They did! In the early 90's/late 80's. I remember it as being good, but its been a while.