Sunday, October 12, 2008

2:30am in Dorchester.

Its more violence. In the last 2 days I have seen 2 fistfights already. There must be something in the air. Maybe Fall in New England. Maybe just New England.
There is a party spilling onto the street.
There are people in the street and they are yelling.
Girls are yelling. Boys are yelling. Black people are yelling. White people are yelling. Spanish people are yelling. Polish people are yelling.
"I should just shoot this Motherfucker"
"Should I pull on him?"
"Should I pull on him?"
Thats my cue to duck into my apartment.
The last ting I need tonight is to get fucking shot. Seriously.
I never called the cops.
I never heard gunshots.
The voices got quiet and the people moved on.
I tried to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Well since im a little more down the ave i get to put up with the drunken Turkeys coming out of the Banshee. Ive seen this scene played over about half dozen times GUY1
" Go ahead and hit me in the face"
"Im not gonna hit you man you dont know what youre doing, you hit me first"
GUY1 then proceeds to slam fists on random cars parked on the avenue. Its even better when girls are involved

Bryan Mcpherson said...

Laughing my ass off.
Some of my earliest childhood memories are of situations like this!

Will said...

Sounds like home to me