Friday, August 29, 2008


I'm in a coffee shop. I'm reading the news and drinking coffee. Eating toast.

There is a older man in a Red Sox jersey next to me talking to another guy.

"I'm old school South Boston. There are no values today. Huh? No, not property values. Moral values. No moral values. Yeah. Yuppies? Yuppies took over Southie. They ruin everything. They destroy everything".
Are you a yuppie?
"Me?" I say
"No, I grew up in Dorchester. That makes me not a yuppie."
"What part?" he says
"St. Marks. Near Fields Corner."
He says OK.
I say OK.

Dodged that bullet. Had I been a yuppie I may not have made it out of there alive.


Michael Johnson said...

Oh, crap! I bet they would think I'm a yuppie! I don't feel like a yuppie! I probably don't make enough to be a yuppie, and I don't drive a suitable car.

I'm not sure why they would think you were a yuppie -- you're too young to be one. Besides, I don't think I've ever seen a yuppie with a nose piercing!

Jessica said...

judgmental old fucks should just crap off anyway. they're just nervous that they're being shunned out/pushed out/fucked out of their old stomping (breeding) grounds.

i'm feeling homesick. grrrrr.