Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The last 24 hours Part 1 and 2.

Part 1 of the last 24 hours

So i was heavily advised to go to this all ages show lat night in JP to see Defiance Ohio. Ok, this band kicked ass. I bought 2 of their cd's for 12 bucks. Deal.
The energy in the room was intense and everyone there was singing along. There were a few announcements that the floor might collapse from the stomping and jumping and dancing and it really did start to feel like it may collapse. Anyways, awesome show. Check em out.
Its really really really cool to go to an all ages show. Especially to see a band like this. It kind of reminded me of the first time I saw Avail. Brought me back to the days when all I went to were all ages shows and people weren't all old and jaded. No offense old and jaded people.
Speaking of old and jaded.
I got home and watched Hysteria, the Def Leopard Story. Don't ask me why.

Part 2 of the last 24 hours.

I wake up. I'm tired. I'm foggy.
I go get coffee at the coffee place.
I'm in line.
Who is in front of me?
Matty V. Boston firefighter.
Matty V says, "Guess who just walked in, Bryan McPherson OFD"
I go "yup. Whats up Matty?" and rub my eyes
He's on his cell phone talking to someone.
He goes "I'm talking to Mike Mcolgan"
Mike Mcolgan of The Street Dogs and original singer of The Dropkick Murphy's. (He's from Dorchester. I'm from Dorchester.)
They are friends.
Now, I grew up and came of age with that early Dropkicks shit. The first 2 records and the seven inches etc. . .I am also a fan of The Street Dogs.
So I'm like, "No shit"
Then he puts me on the phone with him!
So I start bumbling and mumbling about how I like the street dogs and whatever and we trade small talk, etc. . He's telling me about the shows they are doing with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, NOFX, Bouncing Souls. Then The girls at the coffee shop start demanding my order and I just stammer and give the phone back to Matty and get my coffee and start to wake up. Then I feel like an idiot because I got all star struck. But then again, its not everyday you get to talk to one of your heroes while half asleep, in line at a coffee shop, on a cell phone in Dorchester.


Jessica said...

told you defiance, ohio rules. don't worry about star-struckdom. i did it with them and their friends with my friends from IL and not famous at all. ha! sometimes you just got to bow down to good musicianship.

Kat said...

Yay for blogging.

Keep this up daily please!

My days are long and office-ey and yours are far more interesting to read about.