Friday, August 22, 2008

Harvard Square is Dip-Shit City

Ok, so I'm blogging from my shnazzy phone. What is the world coming to?

Harvard square.
I'm on my bike riding down mass ave with the flow of traffic. Suddenly, directly on front of me is a maniacal young girl wobbling on her bike, against the flow of traffic, listening to headphones and headed straight for me. Listening to headphones on a bike seems like a good idea, until your squished underneath a Mac truck because you didn't hear it coming. Also, riding in the street against the flow of traffic on mass ave is the equivalent of driving on the wrong side of the road. Combine that with the headphones and its like driving on the wrong side of the road blindfolded.
Luckily I passed by and escaped uninjured. I don't know what happened to the girl.

Harvard square.
I'm in my fav Vietnamese harvard square restaurant
Rocking some Pho at the bar when someone comes in and orders spring rolls to go. "do you want them fried or not fried?" the bartender says
"fried" the person replied.
5 minutes go by.
The person blurts out, "actually, can I get those not fried?"
The bartender rolls her eyes. We are all lucky she didn't bring a machine gun to work today.

Harvard square
I'm in the grass in the park at Grendel's, laying down taking a break in between my hot yoga and my day job. A confused European approaches me. He says "I'm looking for my car. I parked it I'm front of a house with a flag in front of it. The flag has stars on it. Do you know where that is?"
I turn my head like a dog and say"hmm, do you know the street name?
He says no.
I say,"do you know any shops it was near?"
He says no.
I say, I don't know. Good luck.
He says thank you and walks on.
He was very polite

This all really happened.

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