Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What I been up to?

Q: What have I been up to?

A: To respond publicly(eeek) on the interweb to a few friends and family who have been asking. I'm in California! Since I been here, I been relatively quiet on the web and on the phone. I have found it useless and boring to blabber on and on on facebook and blogs and myspaces and chose to rather soak it all in. Before I left Boston, I went in to the studio to lay some songs down. I recorded 10 and learned how I want to record the rest of the record. Half of the songs I recorded I will most likely release once I mix them. They sound really good. It was a marathon 2 day lesson in intensity. It was a great learning experience for how I want to do the rest of the the songs I been writing and have written recently. Possibly a collection released in 3 easy installments!
California is rad. The bay area is awesome and chilly and conducive for creativity. I have written 5 songs since I been here. I've gone on some adventures and played some of the most unique shows ever. From Live at The Stork(look for possible 7 inch), To Campfire Fest, to the Mel-o-Dee lounge, Santa Cruz, and Todd's 4th of July Shindig. The shows have been rad and so have all the bands and artists I have played with! Its been great meeting a lot of new people. Everyone has been really welcoming and I've had a lot of fun.
The fun is over! I feel its time to get to work, literally. I just got a new day job to feed myself and keep a roof over my head while I plot my next move in global domination. Muahahaha! I also want to start exploring studios and recording for 2 more installments. More on that at 11.
That being said I need money to do all of this. That's where the work comes in. Unless I magically get signed to some label in a decaying industry, I will most likely be self-releasing this stuff. My path playing songs has not been easy, but I'm gonna keep it up, even though sometimes I wanna just say fuck playing shows and pursuing this and go to college. Believe it or not, a TON of work goes into this stuff. Everybody loves the college though. Smoking is bad for your health and wear a bike helmet too, asshole.
Anyways, that's my music stuff update. Other than that, the tacos out here are amazing and they are as available as Dunkin Donuts in Boston. The coffee can take the rust off of metal and there are dollar stores everywhere. I'm good! Next I wanna see some redwoods and head north for a possible one off or 2 in Portland and Seattle. A couple of my favorite places. That's it. Gonna go hit up a taco truck. Peace out!

P.S. I am well aware of my elimination of the word "have" from phrases like "What I been up to". So officially take your PHD in Grammar and stick it somewhere.

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Michael said...

My PHD's not in grammar, and I didn't notice anything until you pointed it out.