Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rot in hell MBTA.

Rot in hell for eternity. You miserable, rude, making me late motherfuckers and all of your miserable, rude, making me late motherfucking employees can rot in hell too.
Dan Grabauskas MBTA general manager, I hope you die slowly of thirst in a desert surrounded by the terrorists you constantly remind me of, who only laugh at you and shoot you periodically with squirt guns. "See something say something?" See this Dan. FUCK YOU.

P.S. Closing the T at 12:22 in a "major" city is laughable, an embarassment, and a major inconvenience. This is a city where the bars are open until 2am, with strict drunk driving laws and a public transportation that closes at 12:20. How many people have to die before you piece of shit hacks get your heads out of your asses.

Long live Bikes.


State Of Grace said...

i like this. thats poetry. i get sick of hearing that asshole speak as well while waiting for the train. i was at park street yesterday with my friend ben and as always, the red line was delayed and i mustve heard that announcement three or four times.

Jon Cohan said...

Somebody has "anger issues"

Bryan said...

I stand by this blog.