Monday, November 3, 2008

From The Regent Theatre. Photo's by Jon Cohan.

Some pics from the "Celebrating Belushi" fundraiser.

This is from Jim Sullivan.

We remember when John Belushi died. We remember how, with whom, and the long dark shadow it cast. We remember Robert Woodward's horrible book, how it miscast everJohn Belushiything known about Belushi - comedy, taking risks, rock 'n' roll, and drug use and abuse. A catastrophic misreading of something rock people understood, entertained and battled with. We remember a joyous, raucous Belushi crashing into the backstage area at the Paradise when Black Flag played there - Belusi, a Blues Brother on stage, but a punk at heart. And when he overdosed, we remember that hollow feeling we had - we was grasping for ultimate, if wrongheadeded, pleasure, to dull the pain (the boredom, the routine?). How do some escape and others succumb? These thoughts resurface in contemplating Right Turn's Third annual "Celebrating John Belushi" show at Regent Theatre in Arlington Saturday Nov. 1 at 7:30. Right Turn is the organization founded by ex-Del Fuegos drummer Woody Geissmann, that helps addicts turn their lives around, especially addicts who have some artistic gifts. (The Rolling Stones support Woody's cause, and, in fact, have hired him to "protect" them on the road in recent years.) There's irony, of course, in an event that celebrates Belushi being a straight, no-drink and no-drugs event, but irony abounds everywhere, and you have to think had Belushi got sober this is where he'd be now.
At the Regent Theatre, the comedy will be provided by Mike Prior, Tony V and Jack Lynch, with music by the Right Turn Orchestra (a lot of in-recovery celeb-rockers could show up here) and special appearances by Belushi's widow, Judy Belushi Pisano, and Bunny Lake along with penetrating singer-songwriter Bryan McPherson."


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