Sunday, October 9, 2011

I See A Flag

Well I moved down the street from an American dream
And oh what a scene on the media screen
Because the police shot him down
He was laying on the ground
And now the whole damn town is going to burn to the ground
I don't understand

I see a flag blowing in the wind

I see crystal meth, internet, placing bets on a worldwide web
With your skeleton face and hollow eyes
2 more clicks before you die
And people lying sick in hospital beds
And doctors getting rich on the blood of the dead
And the poor lie still, like wolves in the street
They took that man down just walking a beat
I don't understand

But I see a flag blowing in the wind

I'm sorry kid there ain't no more jobs
For a working class stiff living low on the hog
Why don't you get yourself to college
Go get a degree. Go get yourself some debt
I hear they're giving it away for free
Because the banks taking your home
On a government loan and renting to own biological clones
With your pesticide cream and bionic fruit
Bunch of dancing monkeys dressed in suits
So I run down to the bay I gotta see the ocean blue
But Gilman Street is gonna get the boot
I don't understand

I see a flag burning in the wind

There ain't no easy way to end this song
I ain't got no answers 'cept mountains and fog
Cuz I seen the buildings built and I watched them crumble
I seen a nation of braggarts stumble humbled
I seen money come and go
People live and die
People giving up
Standing up to try
And all I can hope for is a better today
Cuz life's right now and its here I'll stay
Its here I will sing and here I will pray
To a billion gods I hope they all get their way
So lets just tare it all down
We can start from scratch
Keep our faces forward don't ever look back
A place where everybody's clothed and everybody's fed
And nobody's dieing from a lack of medicine
I don't understand
I see a flag lowered in the wind

So lets just burn all the money
For a currency of love
Fat Mike will think its funny
Feed the children drugs
Because the crackheads line the streets
In a giant bread line
Giving head for one more dime
And one more chance
And one more line
Lets all pledge allegiance to an American lie
Well I would like to pledge to life
And I would like to pledge to truth
Ask your questions later, first things shoot
Cuz no motherfucker they don't need no proof
The proof is the puzzle and the puzzle is the sleuth
And nothing's making sense except dollars and cents
It's a coup de'tat there ain't no president
He's a walking talking puppet just hanging from a string
Singing the songs the corporations say to sing
And you all sit there dancing and singing along
But there's no fucking words cuz there's no fucking song
He just reads it from a screen and you take it to heart
Let the fires light the night babe your lost in the dark
And I'll be Mad max and you can be Goldie Hawn
We'll start a fucking riot on the white house lawn
You better understand

I see a flag raised in the wind
I see a flag blowing in the wind

"American Boy, American Girl" Coming Soon.

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