Thursday, September 25, 2008

Killing time.

Today is one of those days you can smell the ocean from my apartment.
That is what I like about living around here.

What I don't like about living here is people often don't let you cross the street.

I went and got coffee.

I'm drinking it.

Richard the bass player is picking me up.

Woody is playing drums tonight.

We had one rehearsal. Last night.

It was fun.

This blog is very simple and factual and is being used solely as a means of killing time.

25 minutes to go. Better think of something interesting to say.

Last night I ate a shark. I pulled him out of the ocean by his tail and bit right into him. He resisted for a while, then gave in to his horrific death. I said "Take that Shark. How does it feel?" I ate him right there on Carson beach. I had to fight the seagulls off of me.

Tonight I ate tofu.

20 minutes to go.

Nothing else to say.

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